Newburyport + Plum Island Engagement Pictures :: Aly + Keven

Good morning! A quick disclaimer is needed here. I'll usually share 4 or 5 pictures from an engagement session but not only did we squeeze in three locations for this extended engagement session but Aly and Keven also brought along the Gunner the dog so I'm going all out with more images that usual. Plus it's Tuesday and who want to work when you can look at lots of lovely pictures of these two (three)?

Just in case you're wondering what a guilty chocolate lab looks like when you tell him to stop eating all the grass:

So let's start at the beginning....once upon a time there was a girl named Aly going to a wedding in New Jersey. Aly knew she'd be one of the few single ladies at the wedding so she'd subtly inquired if there would be any cute guys there. The outlook wasn't great...

There was a guy named Keven who was also going to the same New Jersey wedding. He didn't have a date so decided to bring his good friend Adam as his wingman/plus one.

Aly says she noticed Keven but seeing him with Adam as his plus one made some incorrect assumptions ;)

Later on, Aly noticed a good girlfriend chatting with Keven and started to think maybe she'd been wrong. Although her friend was on crutches Aly couldn't help herself and she marched over to introduce herself all but body-checking her friend out the way [don't worry - the friend is all mended and getting married herself very soon!]. Keven reports that he'd noticed Aly too and was super happy when she came over to talk as she was just his type! 

For the rest of the wedding Aly and Keven were inseparable. They talked and danced and talked some more late into the evening. They then sat up all night talking until they realized the sun was coming up and time for Aly to drive the loooong way home.

It sounds almost Cinderella-ish right? Except instead of a glass slipper there was a pair of sunglasses! Once she was home, Aly realized she had Keven's sunglasses and wondered (hoped?) if he might get in touch to arrange to get them back. 

A quick time out from the story of Aly & Keven to say look at this sky! We totally lucked out with the weather!

Back to the story, Keven did one better than calling or texting, driving all the way up to Aly's home on the North Shore from his home in Connecticut. Somehow I suspect it was about more than getting his sunglasses back ;) 

From then on Aly and Keven were pretty much inseparable:

Fast forward and Keven was figuring out his plans to propose to Aly. He planned a weekend away at a beautiful old house on the beach in Maine but didn't want Aly to get too nervous or excited so he told her not to have any expectations, it was just a weekend away...

Keven suggested a walk on the beach with Gunner, Aly was all "I'm in my comfy sweats but sure!", they walked down to the beach and Keven decided the moment was right. Gunner didn't quite agree and decided to jump all over the two of them causing all sorts of delays and interruptions but it couldn't stop Keven. And Aly said yes! 

They'll be married next winter in the beautiful state of Vermont and I can't wait to be their wedding photographer! Aly & Keven - thanks for the awesome afternoon, January can't come soon enough!

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