Hyatt Regency Cambridge Wedding Pictures :: Christine + Dan

Good morning! Did you have a lovely weekend? I hope so! It's Monday, why not get yourself a big cup of coffee and settle in at Christine & Dan's Hyatt Regency Cambridge Wedding...?

Of course, to have a wedding you need wedding invitations - loved the elegant script and tiny gold dots: 

And it also helps to have wedding rings:  

I arrived as Christine was in the final stages of hair and make up. It's always a pleasure to work with Lindsay Griffin at weddings - check out the stunning updo with jeweled hairpiece:  

Christine being helped into her beautiful lace wedding dress with delicate cap sleeves: 

Meanwhile Audrey was photographing Dan getting ready: 

There's always time for a champagne toast with your girls on your wedding day!  Christine & Dan wisely chose to do a first look. This was a wise choice because:
1) They wanted to really enjoy cocktail hour with their closest friends and family
2) With a 5pm ceremony across town on a Friday night we had no idea how crazy the traffic would be and didn't want to risk running out of time for pictures
3) Dan has a large extended family and we wanted to make sure we had time to photograph lots of different combinations
4) It's always really lovely to spend a little alone time with your future intended! You're so much more relaxed and present as you walk down the aisle!

We decided on the little courtyard of the Hyatt Regency for the first look, loving Dan's reaction to seeing Christine: 

We then took some relaxed pictures of the almost-newlyweds: 

When I first met Christine & Dan for their engagement pictures, they explained how they're complete opposites to each other but how they work perfectly together.

I think this kind of demonstrates it ;) 

We were met by Christine & Dan's awesome wedding party: 

And then the families joined us for some relaxed yet totally mantel-worthy pictures: 

We had just enough time to ride the elevators before transportation to the church arrived:  

True story - as we were just about to board the limo, I mentioned to Christine and all of the ladies that with a drive across town in Friday rush-hour traffic, a full Catholic mass service and the drive back, that it might not be the worst idea to visit the restroom. Once in the restroom I became completely distracted by the interesting mirror and lights and convinced Christine to let me photograph her:

Christine & Dan's wedding ceremony was at St Mary - St Catherine of Siena in Charlestown. Dan was beaming at Christine walked towards him on the arm of her proud father Mike:

St Mary's in Charlestown, MA is such a beautiful church for your wedding ceremony:

Christine & Dan made their vows...

...before being proclaimed husband and it seems only polite to kiss ;) 

Joyful newlyweds! I also enjoyed the little shafts of sunlight that dappled the aisle, here's one such sunbeam on Christine's happy face! 

By some miracle, the traffic back to Cambridge was pretty awesome so we took a two minute detour by the Charles River for some "just married" pictures before heading to cocktail hour. Cars were honking and beeping for Christine & Dan:  

This is one of my favorites! 

Meanwhile cocktail hour was hopping at the Hyatt Riverside Pavilion Tent. Thanks to Audrey and Kate for some of these images: 

Guests enjoyed the glass elevator service up to the Charles View Ballroom on top of the hotel and as they stepped out of the elevator they were met by Christine & Dan who personally greeted everyone and handed out these rather fabulous "table number cards". Yes - a personal jar of gummy bears - a nod to Dan's favorite ice cream topping at JP Licks (home to Christine & Dan's first date and also where they ate ice cream before Dan proposed!): 

The Charles View Ballroom offers great views of the city and looked beautiful with the cream and gold color palette. 

Pigeon bride and groom cake toppers! 

Christine & Dan made their grand entrance (thanks to Audrey for the image outside of the ballroom!) 

First dance as husband and wife: 

As the sun started to set and the view turned to the twilight night sky it was time for toasts. MOH Michelle and best man Tom hit the perfect combination of sweet stories, big belly laughs and childhood escapades! 

Guests danced the night away fueled in part by their gummy bears! 

Christine & Dan - how much fun was that? You are two of the most thoughtful and kind people (Hello giant cheese gift basket that arrived at my house for "snacking while editing"!?!?!?) and it was so clear to see that your friends and families were so happy for you both and wonderful to document what an amazing couple you make! Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, health, happiness and ice cream together! 

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