Halloween Wiener Bats :: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I'm writing this in the airport en route back to Boston after a week of visiting with my family in the UK. I knew I'd be flying back on Halloween so minutes before I left the house last week I grabbed the dogs and took a couple of quick pictures so I can continue the tradition of posting pictures of dachshunds with lame costumes :)

Coco Chanel & Tiger Woods are thirteen years old now and they're getting grumpier and stinkier but the promise of a dog treat is usually all it takes to get them to sit for a minute, although this year they refused to sit together.

As usual they started off ignoring me: 

Coco looked sad that I was subjecting her to the indignity of bat ears before getting into the Halloween spirit and channeling her inner Vampire Wiener: 

And Tiger was just in it for the dog cookie: 

Have a safe and happy Halloween! I'll be back next week with all sorts of lovely wedding posts and pictures!

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