Hyatt Boston Harbor Hotel Photographer :: Alexa + Chris

Once upon a time there was a wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner one of the groomsmen started to chat to the one of the bridesmaid.

The next day at the wedding the conversation continued late into the night with dancing. At one point the bridesmaid and groomsman were sat outside by the water and a guest snapped a picture of them on his cell phone. If you looked at the picture you'd assume they'd been a couple for years! Here's Alexa (the bridemsmaid) and Chris (the groomsman) holding that original picture.

At the day-after-the-wedding brunch Alexa and Chris were still talking and when Chris gave the bride and groom a ride home Alexa came with him. While the couple packed for their honeymoon Chris and Alexa hung out and watched football together. 

An official first date followed and next thing you know these two were dating! 

Alexa and Chris decided it might just made sense to return to the Hyatt Boston Harbor to take their engagement pictures.  Not only was it where they met but also where Chris brought Alexa (blindfolded no less!) to propose: 

Fun story - Chris actually officiated the wedding of Jo-Ann and Ben at Glen Magna Farms that I photographed a couple of years ago! 

Thanks to my photographer friend Wayne who popped over to hold a light for me for a little while: 

Alexa and Chris - it was lovely to see you both again and to talk about your plans! I'm super excited for your wedding at Moraine Farm next fall! 

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