Engagement Pictures in Central Park NYC :: Emily & Nick

We're still in NYC here on the blog today! Much as I love the Boston Public Gardens, Central Park might just have the edge as it's so huge with all sorts of interesting structures and bridges and rather fabulous light.

Emily and Nick both went to school at Boston College. Neither of them can really remember the very first time they met, they were in the same group of friends and would often find themselves at the same events.

After always just knowing each other, it was senior year when something changed. Nick embarked on a subtle campaign to woo Emily

The wooing mostly took the form of food. Emily had injured her foot and was on crutches for part of the school year. Nick would bring her breakfast to her dorm room every morning explaining, "She's awful when she's hungry."

Once they'd graduated from BC and it was all official, after a little time working in Boston they moved together to New York City where they enjoyed everything the city had to offer.

One cold, winter evening Emily walked through the door to their home with wet hair, her feet in ski boots and her arms full of dry cleaning for their upcoming ski trip out west.

Spelled out in candles by Nick was "Will you marry me?" The dry cleaning was thrown aside as Emily said yes.

Emily & Nick - after photographing you both in the wedding party of another BC couple (Hey Dani & Mark!) and also our random elevator meet up at another wedding, it was a pleasure to meet up with you both for real and to photograph you in your current hometown. I hope you like these favorites! Lot's more to come! I can't wait to photograph your wedding at the Eastern Point Yacht Club in Gloucester, MA next year! 

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