Fall engagement pictures in Boston, MA :: Kayla + Charley

I have a treat for you today, the story (and pictures) of two high-school sweethearts to brighten up this dreary Tuesday.  Are you ready? Shall we begin?

Once upon a time, at a high school in Northborough, MA, in a calculus class, there was a girl named Kayla and a boy named Charley. Kayla remembers looking at Charley and thinking "He's kind of cute..." but they didn't really talk and had different groups of friends so nothing came of it. 

Fast forward a little, Kayla had always known that she wanted to have a career in nursing and she found out that the school she planned to go to required physics. The only class available was an AP physics class. So Kayla joined the class and in the first lesson she heard a boy behind her whisper to his friend, "Hey, who's she?"

Kayla still remembers her sassy response, as she turned and stated "You can ask me to my face!"

Remember when AOL messenger was the hot mode of communication? Well, Kayla and Charley soon found themselves AOL messenging, first about physics and then about everyday stuff. And then they started talking on the phone. And then they started occasionally hanging out in person as friends do. But just friends. 

One evening, Kayla and Charley were hanging out with a mutual friend when Charley had a call from his ex-girlfriend asking if he could pick her up and give her a ride home. Kayla was surprised at how perturbed she felt and how relieved she was that Charley called to talk to her on the way home.

Charley definitely had feelings for Kayla but Kayla kept insisting she wanted to focus on her studies and not get distracted. One chilly winter day just before the holidays, Charley asked Kayla if she'd like to take a walk in a forest, Kayla admits it was a kind of romantic walk. Charley finally asked Kayla, "Will you be my girlfriend?" and Kayla replied "Yes! I'd love to be your girlfriend!" ".......Ask me in a month!"

The day before Christmas Eve, Charley came over to wish Kayla a happy Christmas and that may have been the scene of their first kiss.

[I will admit to fact-checking on this - so wait? Charley asked you to be his girlfriend before you'd even kissed?!? And Kayla explained that Charley has always been a gentleman and that's one of the things she loves the most about him!]

A month after asking in the forest, Charley again asked Kayla if she'd be his girlfriend and luckily she said yes this time! Aside from a minor hiccup when one day at lunch, Charley thoughtfully presented Kayla with a peanut butter and fluff sandwich (after hearing her say she'd never tried this gourmet treat!) and Kayla freaked out at the open display of affection and commitment, they've been together ever since! 

8 years after that fateful AP physics class Charley asked Kayla to be his wife and next year they'll be married and have their wedding reception at the Exchange Conference Center in Boston, MA and I can't wait to be their wedding photographer. 

Kayla and Charley - it was so great to meet you both in person and I had a most enjoyable afternoon/evening with you both! I'm SUPER excited for September 2016!!!

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