Madison Square Garden + Highline NYC Engagement Pictures :: Moira + Steve

Last month I hopped over to NYC to photograph engagement pictures (not to mention eat a lot of sushi, I don't think I could live in NYC because if I had access to all the great sushi in the city I'd probably be dead with mercury poisoning in about a month), anyway, meet Moira & Steve: 

The first time Moira and Steve laid eyes on each other was at a beer garden. Steve couldn't help notice that although they were in a beer garden, Moira was drinking wine (I'm with Moira on this one). They got to talking and Steve wondered if Moira might like to go on a date with him. 

Moira said yes to the date. Steve took her to a comedy club. It was a fun comedy club but you can't really do much talking so Moira decided she'd organize the next date. 

The next date was an evening of darts and skeeball and lots of talking and laughter. Moira and Steve decided they had so much in common there should definitely be another date. 

So there was another date of tapas and wine, and another date of pub trivia, and just like that Moira and Steve were in a happy relationship. Sadly I don't think there will be any darts or skeeball at their Taj Boston wedding next year, but I think it's safe to say there will most definitely be a very happy couple! 

Moira & Steve, I hope you like these few favorites! Thank you for the drinks (and introducing me to the wonders of Eataly!) and I can't wait to be your Taj Boston Wedding Photographer next year!

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