Boston Engagement Pictures :: Angela + Brendan

Good morning! Did you know 17% of engagements happen on the same 10 days each year with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve being 3 of those days? If you're newly engaged (or you know someone who is!) then don't hesitate to get in touch, there are just 5 open dates for 2016!!!

And now, Angela and Brendan who didn't get engaged on New Years Eve but did meet for the first time on this big date!

Brendan was meeting a buddy for a drink and Angela just happened to be helping out behind the bar at her family's business. Brendan's friend was all "No flirting with Angela!, as he was attempting a little matchmaking with another friend in mind. So Brendan was friendly but says he didn't bring his A-game. 

Angela remembers Brendan saying "Do you think I could get a little service with a smile?" which I'm sure is just what you want to hear when you're working on NYE and everyone else is partying!

Regardless, a large group date was swiftly arranged. Brendan admits that it was very "my friend likes your friend". And on the date Angela and Brendan talked and talked and talked. 

An official first date swiftly followed and boom - that was it!  

I had a most enjoyable afternoon wandering around Boston with Angela and Brendan looking for twinkle lights and stopping for the occasional cocktail. 

Angela + Brendan - I can't wait for your 2016 Fairmont Copley Plaza wedding! 

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