Boston Engagement Pictures :: Erin + Dave

You know when you get called up for jury duty and you usually get excused or you're just there for a few days? Well, that didn't happen to Erin. She spent over 3 months on jury duty, which is a pretty long time to be away from your job. 

When Erin finally finished jury duty, her company threw her a "welcome back" party which gives you a pretty good idea of how much they love Erin and how awesome she is.

Dave was planning a quiet night at home, when his old college roommate (who happened to work with Erin) insisted that Dave come join everyone at the party (the college roommate had matchmaking tendencies and had already shared Dave's picture with Erin...)

As Dave arrived, the college friend announced, "Yooo hooo, Erin, there's someone I want you to meet!" The party was packed and all of the seats at the bar were taken. Dave is a gentleman (we took an Uber from one side of Boston to the other for pictures and by the end of the ride, our driver was his new best friend!) and he kindly offered his knee for Erin to perch on.
Work and travel plans meant that it would be two weeks before Erin and Dave would be able to meet  again so for the next fourteen days the emails and texts were flying. After the two weeks of remote flirting dating, there was an official first date and they've been inseparable ever since.
Erin & Dave - I can't WAIT for your Newport, RI wedding in October! It'll be here before you know it! :)

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