Crane Estate Engagement Pictures :: Heidi and Eric

Last week I made my way to the stunning Crane Estate at Castle Hill to photograph engagement pictures for Heidi and Eric.

For long-time blog readers, you might be thinking that Heidi and Eric look a little familiar, that's because I photographed the actual moment that Eric got down on one knee and proposed to Heidi.

So Heidi and Eric had a mutual friend who kept insisting she wanted to set them up on a blind date as she had this feeling that they'd be perfect for one another. But time went by and everyone was busy and plans didn't quite happen. Remember when you used to poke people on facebook? Well, Heidi poked Eric. 

And that poke led to a rapid back and forth and a first date followed. 

It was one of those first dates where the conversation doesn't stop and you don't want it to end. Eric told me, "We just had so much to talk about and so much in common...and it didn't hurt that Heidi is gorgeous too!"

After taking pictures at the amazing Crane Estate on Castle Hill property (you MUST get a permit to take pictures here!), we took a little refreshment break before heading to Crane Beach. 

Not going to lie, although Heidi and Eric look super cozy and relaxed here, we were being EATEN alive by little tiny biting midges. We were maybe at the beach for 20 minutes and the next day I counted close to 40 big red bites all over my arms, neck and ankles. Should I head back to Crane Beach I will be bathing in mosquito spray before I do so! 

Heidi and Eric, thank you for braving the midges with me! I can't WAIT for your Glen Manor wedding - the countdown is on!

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