South End & Boston Waterfront Engagement Pictures :: Katlyn + Ryan

Katlyn and Ryan attended the same high school. Ryan remembers the first time Katlyn spoke to him in Spanish class saying "Hey! I saw you at the Jack Johnson concert!" they got chatting and Ryan said he was wowed by Katlyn's bubbly personality.

Throughout their senior year, Katlyn and Ryan continued their friendship and finally started dating. As you'd expect when you're just nineteen years old, they broke up over something silly and for a while there was radio silence. South End Boston Engagement Pictures, couple sitting on steps

So now Katlyn and Ryan are away at different schools and they both found themselves frequently thinking about the other. They had lots of old high-school friends in common and eventually they starting talking again.

Conversation was always easy, they shared the same sense of humor and this led to visits and their friendship was rekindled. Katlyn says that she compared every guy she talked with to Ryan and no one even came close to how she felt about him. Ryan says there was an inexplicable pull that neither of them could resist.

Mid-way through Junior year, Katlyn was scheduled to travel to Australia. The night before she floew out Ryan asked, "Will you be my girlfriend?". Katlyn said yes and they've been together ever since!

Fast forward six years and Katlyn & Ryan are in Miami for their anniversary. Ryan arranged for a corner suite at the Ritz Carlton, dinner reservations at Scarpetta AND there's a diamond ring burning a hole in his pocket. While Katlyn enjoyed an afternoon nap, blissfuly unaware of what would be happening later that night, Ryan sat on the balcony unable to read, unable to concentrate and meticulously planning everything, down to arranging for the tables on either side of their table to be left empty so he'd have room to get down on one knee.

Dinner was perfect and Ryan enlisted the help of their waiter to bring out dessert with "Will you marry me?" written on the plate. Katlyn insisted she was full from dinner and wasn't interested in dessert but luckily Ryan overruled her. 

All of the parents were on tenterhooks all night waiting to get the call! Ryan's parents had been involved in the shopping for the ring and Ryan had asked permission from both Katlyn's father and stepfather. So when the ipad shrilled with the facetime calling sound, Katlyn could barely choke out "Hi Mommmy!" before everyone was crying. Happy tears of course! Boston Waterfront Engagement Pictures. Silhouette of engaged couple at sunset on Boston waterfront.

Katlyn & Ryan, it was so fun to finally meet you both, I'm super excited to photograph your wedding at Wychmere next summer!

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