Bar Harbor + Cadillac Mountain Engagement Pictures in Maine :: Kaylee + Casey

It's like engagement-session-palooza over here on the blog today. We're all the way up in Bar Harbor with Kaylee + Casey for this post. 

The first time Kaylee and Casey met one another was in English class at their first year of school. Fast forward to senior year and Casey spots Kaylee across the room at a party, he says he was thinking "Wow, that's Kaylee from English class and she looks amazing!" as he made his way over to talk to her. 

Kaylee and Casey started dating but graduation was fast approaching and Kaylee figured maybe they should break up as it would be difficult to maintain a relationship once they graduated and found jobs in different locations. 

Casey thought this was a stupid idea. He knew that they could make it work. So one evening he found Kaylee on the track where she was doing a sponsored walk, he walked alongside her for 25 laps before she'd even talk about their relationship. Luckily Casey was pretty convincing and Kaylee agreed to try to make it work. 

And work it did! Last fall, Kaylee and Casey took a little vacation up in Bar Harbor, Maine and despite a big night out involving not-so-great calamari, they woke super early to watch the sun rise at the summit of Cadillac Mountain. They'd underestimated the freezing temperatures and biting wind and kept jumping back in the car to warm up. 

As soon as the sun came up, Kaylee was all "Quick! Let's get out of here!" but Casey had other plans. He dropped to his knee and asked Kaylee to marry him. Kaylee said yes!

Kaylee & Casey - I can't wait for your Belle Mer Wedding next year! Thanks for braving the wind and cold on Cadillac Mountain (again!). 

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