Boston Engagement Pictures :: Sarah + Paul

Paul and Sarah belonged to the same Crossfit gym. I've never attempted Crossfit but it sounds like a friendly kind of atmosphere where everyone gets to know each other while they're burpeeing and woding. 

Sarah was initially dating someone else so Paul was just a Crossfit friend. There were all sorts of events and get togethers for members and they enjoyed hanging out. Paul may have been just a tiny bit happy to hear through the grapevine that Sarah was now single. 

There just so happened to be another Crossfit get together and Paul asked Sarah if she'd be able to help him bring some stuff to the party. He admits he could have absolutely handled everything himself but figured it would be a good way to spent more time with Sarah. 

The plan worked! Sarah and Paul started dating and it wasn't long before Sarah introduced Paul to the other love of her life...Sandy Island! This 112-year old camp in the middle of Lake Winnipesaukee has been home to all of Sarah's family vacations for the last 25 years.

While Sarah vacationed at Sandy Island, Paul spent parallel summers at Lake Morey in Vermont. Their love of spending time on the lake meant that Sandy Island was an easy choice for their wedding next fall.

We spent a most enjoyable afternoon puttering around Beacon Hill and then Sarah and Paul introduced me to Castle Island with it's fort and beaches and park right next to South Boston. 

We wrapped up with a restorative beverage at The Beehive in the South End. I can't wait to be Sarah & Paul's Sandy Island Wedding Photographer next fall! 

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