Casco, Maine Engagement Pictures :: Sarah + Jerry

When it came time to pick a date and location for their engagement pictures, Sarah and Jerry said they'd be open to any Maine or NH location with fall colors, especially to any suggestions for places that wouldn't even cross their radar. That was like music to my ears!  Enjoy these engagement pictures in my back yard in Casco, Maine and at my favorite little covered bridge close to home :)

First, let's meet Sarah and Jerry. They were both on and Sarah was struck by Jerry's opening message which was both straightforward and humorous. No winking back and forth here.

After a couple of weeks of talking, Jerry invited Sarah out for brunch at Ward 8

Brunch turned into an all day event because Sarah and Jerry had so much in common and just couldn't stop talking. Jerry remembers thinking "Could she be any more perfect?" and then Sarah announced she was a fan of muscle cars and that was it for mustang-owning Jerry. 

The good dates kept happening, everything from beers and pool, to long dinners and skiing.

Fun fact, this was taken in the back of a parking lot ;) anything to find those trees. 

Fast forward and Sarah + Jerry will be getting married next summer at the most beautiful setting in Kennebunk, Maine and I can't wait to be their Hidden Pond wedding photographer. 

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