Engagement Pictures in the South End, Boston, MA :: Stephanie + Rob

I recently spent a lovely evening with Stephanie and Rob walking around the South End for their engagement pictures. We started with a glass of wine at Barcelona (if you haven't eaten the tapas and small plates there, run don't walk!), strolling along the streets, stopping at Coppa (another excellent dining location) and even making a stop to pick up Stella the dog for a picture.

Stephanie and Rob were working at the same hospital. They both remember the first time they saw each other; the attraction was immediate. There was much conversation and maybe just a little flirting. During a particularly tough shift, Stephanie announced that she'd definitely need a glass of wine at the end of the day. When she finished, Rob was waiting (despite his shift being over hours earlier) to take her for that glass of wine. They'll get married at Rosecliff in Newport, RI later this year and I can't wait!

Stephanie and Rob, I hope you like this handful of favorites! Super excited for September!

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