Island Wedding in Maine :: Sarah + Jerry, Part I

Good morning! Sarah & Jerry's wedding for your viewing delight today, well, part one of their wedding. Part two will be next, at the most beautiful resort of Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, Maine, but first the super intimate wedding ceremony on an island off the coast of Maine. Sarah and Jerry are big sailing and hiking fans and Whaleboat Ledge island was a favorite place to visit while they were dating. When it came time to plan the wedding, they both wanted to say their vows on the island but it would have been nigh to impossible to bring hundreds of guests to the uninhabited island with zero infrastructure. So with plans in place for an elegant yet super fun event at Hidden Pond, a strategy was made for a private ceremony mid-week with just their immediate families.

An appropriate name for the boat that would bring us to the island:

All hands on deck to load up the boats at Yankee Marina:

It was the perfect day for the 30 minute boat ride:

Stealing a last kiss before becoming husband and wife: 

Out on the ocean, we had to switch from the "Ever After" to a smaller boat to enable us to get closer to the shore. True story, Sarah had advised me to wear "shoes that are comfortable to walk in" so I wore my trusty ballet flats. Once I realized I would have to climb out of the boat into knee high seawater to get to shore, I realized my choice of footwear probably wasn't ideal. Sarah kindly lent me a pair of water shoes, yay for petite feet!

Jerry's parents shared stories of family vacations spent out on the water and on various Maine islands including the story about Jerry's first pet bunny rabbit! Whilst Virginia & Mike carried the cooler...

...Jerry carried his almost-wife to shore:

With Harry, a close friend, officiating the ceremony there was no specific time that the wedding had to start by. There's always time to skim a few rocks:

Once on the island, it was a brisk hike to the ceremony location, huge thanks to Sarah's dad George for helping me and my camera bags over the more slippy/steep rocks: 

Not sure we could have had a more perfect blue sky day for this private ceremony:

One of my favorite parts of the ceremony, and probably the only time I've ever seen anything like this, was when Sarah and Jerry did a beautiful reading to their parents, thanking them for their unconditional love and support and the example they've set them both. All the handkerchiefs needed. 

Boom! Married! 

They did it!

Hugs all round! 

Those rings look pretty good right?

A quick picture of the whole crew before heading back to the beach for champagne and sandwiches, is there a better way to spend a Thursday!?!? 

Happy newlyweds: 

It would have been rude not to take advantage of this perfectly formed giant piece of driftwood:

Sarah and Jerry, I'm so glad I got to document your private island ceremony, I hope you like this handful of pictures and I can't wait to share part II of your Hidden Pond wedding celebration!

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