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So I'm going to come clean and say that for the longest time I was somewhat on the fence about wedding videography.

I'd seen so many average-poor wedding videos with cheesy effects and terrible sound and what not, and I've had the (dis)pleasure of working with so many frankly awful videographers:
- the big sweaty guy bumping into your guests on the dance floor
- the new guy who insists on planting his tripod half way down the aisle for the WHOLE ceremony stopping me from getting that beautiful wide-angle shot of your ceremony
- the guy who talks about "working with your photographer" on his website and then refuses to work with me so we can both getting the shots we need
- the guy with the GIANT video lights that he turns on and off at seemingly random times causing me major exposure headaches.

I've almost been tempted to advise the couple considering spending $500 on the Craigslist video guy to simply spend their $500 on a good home camera and tripod and just get the important parts of the ceremony.

We do have video of our wedding ceremony and it makes me smile when I listen to Paul saying his vows and see the way he looks at me when he says them - but then we got married in Las Vegas and they had some kind of HD video ninjas hidden in the walls behind Venetian glass windows so we didn't have to actually have anyone there...

Anyway, all of that changed when I worked with Justin of Mayer Video, I take it all back - if you choose the right videography company then I think it's one of the best decisions you'll make. I've had the pleasure of working with Justin a couple of times now and I think we have at least 2 weddings in common for 2010 and I am so happy about that!

The first wedding we worked at together was like a smoothly choreographed dance routine
...we talked and figured out the best place for us both to stand to get what we needed
...I gave him a heads up that the flowers had arrived and were outside in some beautiful light
...he helped me hang the wedding dress up high for the getting ready pictures
... and during the reception I'd lift my camera
...he'd seamlessly step back so his video lights were still beautifully illuminating the couple
...I'd get my shot and move out of his way so he could get the footage he needed
...I'd informally pose the family groups and hold them there for an extra beat so he could capture the laughter
It was a photography and videography pas de deux! I shared some of my photo files for the cover of his DVD and he gave me a couple of clips of video that I incorporated into their photo slideshow. And when I watched his video of the wedding I was blown away, I literally had a tear in my eye, and that was when I realized the value of videography. With the disclaimer that when it's good, it's very very good, and when it's bad it's horrid.

Here's Justin in action - he's not a crazy big monster with a giant light stick who'll bash into all of your guests during the dancing - and he wears a tie:

I asked Justin some Q&A to help those looking for a wedding videographer, here we go:

LH: Why should a couple have a videographer at their wedding?
JM: Couples spend months and sometimes years planning their wedding yet the day flashes by in an instant. Having it on video enables you to re-live the best day of your life, not only to remember the day as a whole, but to hear, see and feel the emotion as vows were exchanged, toasts that were given, and movement of first dances.

LH: What is different or unique about Mayer Video (other than the fact I thought you were incredibly professional and great to work with)?
JM: I love what I do. I really listen to my clients and I want to create something different that is exactly what they're looking for. I understand that it's my client's day and so I don't put time limits on footage or restrictions on anything we can do- and love the challenge of anything being possible. Most importantly I want my clients to truly feel that getting a wedding video was one of the best decisions they made when planning their wedding! [Me here - Justin works in a somewhat similar way to me, he doesn't make you decide if your wedding story will last 4 or 6 hours, he's there to capture getting ready through to the dancing - love it!]

LH: How would you describe your videography style?
JM: My videography style is really tailored to each couple. Not every wedding is the same, therefore every wedding video will be different. I am always willing to work with couples on special requests and I actively encourage input. The only style I am always true to is capturing footage as the day occurs, almost from a fly on the wall perspective without any posing or requests for acting (unless requested) and am always aware of my surroundings to be sure not to get in any guests or photographers way.

LH: What are some of the things to look for when you're hiring a videographer?
JM: Time limits: a lot is happening on your wedding day- you don't need to worry about your videographer leaving the venue before the cake being cut. Equipment: professional quality is what you are looking for. With digital formats there are a lot of great quality consumer products which will give a good picture, but will it be stable, in focus when it needs to be and clear in low light atmospheres? Lastly, and probably most important- editing ability: post production is really where your final product will come to life- this will be clear in your potential candidates sample work, is it interesting, does it capture your attention to keep watching or does every wedding video seem exactly the same?


So there you go, hopefully some helpful information as you decide whether or not to have video at your wedding and some of the things you should be considering. And you'll have a very happy photographer if you have Justin as your video guy, here's his contact info:
Phone: 617 835 0007
And don't forget to leave me a comment if you have any suggestions for future vendor spotlight categories....

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