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A couple of years back I mentioned on the blog that I got eyelash extensions and since then I've had a couple of really funny client meetings where I notice the bride-to-be is surreptitiously peering at my eyelashes! So I thought I'd do a little post on the subject as there are GREAT eyelash extensions and also TERRIBLE eyelash extensions!

Way back in maybe 2002 when we were living in Newburyport, MA I first discovered Interlocks and even after moving to NH I haven't found anywhere locally that even comes close to the amazing pedicures, facials, massages etc so I happily make the drive there. Anyway, a couple of years ago I was getting a facial from Leah (fantastic aesthetician who happens to share the same name as me!) and noticed that her eyelashes looked amazing. I asked her which mascara she was using and she laughed and told me she'd had eyelash extensions. And here's a little pot of the magic lashes:

The sensible part of me thought "eyelash extensions?!? how crazy!!!" and the un-sensible part of me immediately booked an appointment for the following week to get them done!

I'm posting this as sometimes brides will have an urge to use false eyelashes and they can be OK but inevitably you have a really obvious join (especially with the strip eyelashes) and/or you have to wear thick black eyeliner to hide the join. With eyelash extensions you end up with thick, long natural looking individual eyelashes that really look amazing and they photograph so well!

So here's how it works:
- You lie down on the heated massage table
- Leah (or Laura or Robyn) remove any eye make up you have on
- You look up at the ceiling as moisturizing pads are put in place under your eyes (they also hold down your lower eye lashes)
- You close your eyes and relax and occasionally even doze off for the next 45-60 minutes
- It feels like your eyelashes are being gently combed and curled - no pain!
- A fan is waved in front of your face to dry the glue - for some weird reason this makes me involuntarily gasp like when a small dog sticks it's head out of the car.
- You open your eyes, look in the mirror and say "wow!"
- Around 4 weeks later you return for a "fill" to keep your lashes looking lovely, the lashes will drop off when you lose your own lashes naturally and these will simply be replaced.
- If you're getting married, you can cry your eyes out without the fear of your mascara running
- If you're on going on your honeymoon, you can wake up each morning and flutter your long eyelashes at your new husband...

Here's a picture of an individual eyelash being put in place.

At my last appointment in between napping I quizzed Leah about the details:

Leah (me): So what kind of training is involved?
Leah (not me): Well, we had the head scientist of Novalash come to Interlocks to do intensive training, over 12 hours in fact. And then you have to be able to perfectly apply at least 6 sets of eyelashes before you're qualified. I also went to additional training in NYC to be get an advanced certification and to learn different application techniques and looks.

Leah (me): I don't know how you have the patience and the skill to do this multiple times a day, plus I think there's a real art involved.
Leah (not me): I have over 50 regular clients that I do eyelashes for and I definitely think that some people have a talent for this kind of precision work. The fine tweezers almost have to become an extension of your fingers! I also take into account the face shape, eye shape and size and then use multiple lengths and thickness lashes to postively accentuate each client's eyes. For example when I have a bride I'll use many fine lashes in different lengths for a very full but gentle look that will last all the way through the honeymoon.

Leah (me): I've seen lash extensions applied at other salons that shall remain nameless that look absoutely terrible. Like someone has two spiders with broken legs attached to their eyes (seriously!) so how do you do it differently?
Leah (not me): All of the training I've had plays a huge role in the application. And the product is really important. Plus I take the extra time to really separate and isolate each eyelash when I attach the extension. Everyone has tiny little baby eyelashes and if these are caught in the adhesive of the extension they will cause the lashes to twist as they grow. I also mix the length and thickness of the lashes to get a really natural look.

Leah (me): Are there different types of lashes?
Leah (not me): We use Novalash products and they're made in the US. The medical-grade adhesive is 4 times as effective than others at holding the lashes in place which means you can go longer between fills and still have amazing looking lashes.

Leah (me): So if a bride is considering eyelash extensions, what would you recommend?
Leah (not me): I would come in for a full set of lashes about 2-3 weeks before the wedding and then book a max fill one or two days before the actual day. This will mean your lashes will be absolutely perfect and they'll last through your honeymoon.

Here's Leah in action:

Although I am super skilled with my camera ;) even I cannot figure out how to take pictures of myself with my eyes completely closed so I roped in a friend who also has her lashes done by Leah to let me take pictures through the process. And here is the "after" picture! Amazing long lashes without the artificial join line that you see with regular false eyelashes!

And the important details:
Interlocks Salon & Day Spa
978 465 3010 (is it wrong that I didn't even have to look that number up!?)
Eyelash extensions are $150-$300 for the first visit and then a fill costs $70-80approx every 4 weeks.
And if you want to make an appointment with Leah you should book WAY in advance, she is super popular (and she works on a Sunday too!).

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  1. This looks so cool! I have never heard of lash extensions, I think I might just make a trip to Newburyport!