Boston Engagement Pictures in the Public Garden :: Claire + Kevin

Before we start today's blog post, I have a couple of definitions for you. As I went to school in the UK, we don't have the Greek system, I thought there might be others out there unfamiliar with the terms "Big" and "Little" but they're kind of critical to this romantic story so here you go:

“Big” A term assigned to the elders of a Greek organization. Becoming a “big brother” or “big sister” in a Greek organization denotes that you get to become a role model to a “New Member” or “Pledge”. As a big, you essentially become their advisor throughout initiation and during their time in college. The bond between big and little is very special, and often times a lifetime bond is forged.

“Little” In order to become a “big brother” or “big sister,” you have to become a “little brother” or “little sister” first, and pledge to join a fraternity or sorority. While this position isn’t an enviable one, especially when rushing, you get an older friend who can help you navigate the entire process of pledging.

Are you all caught up? OK, then let us begin. Once upon a time, at the University of Pennsylvania, there was a girl named Allie. Allie's Big was Claire. Allie was dating a boy named Bobby. Allie kept hinting about Bobby's Big to Claire:
- Oh, I think you'd really like Bobby's Big....
- Guess what? Bobby's Big looked you up on facebook and really liked what he saw!
At the same time, Allie was talking to Bobby's Big, Kevin:
- You should really meet my Big, I think you'd really get along
- My Big has a crush on you!
- Why don't you ask my Big to the formal dance?

Allie was particularly persistent and so Kevin texted Claire and asked her to formal. Claire said she gave in partially to placate Allie.

The morning of the formal, Kevin sent a quick text to Claire suggesting they meet for lunch before the big night out. Claire remembers running home after class to quickly do a little hair and make up and arriving a little flustered to lunch. Kevin just remembers Claire carrying a backpack almost as big as she was.

The "quick lunch" wasn't exactly quick. The Bigs found they had so much in common and the conversation just flowed. Kevin ended up completely missing his study group and Claire arrived late to class all starry-eyed. The formal no longer felt like an obligation and Claire and Kevin were pretty much inseparable after that except for Kevin's time studying abroad in Copenhagen. Visits to Nantucket and even a faux love of hockey (on Claire's behalf) brought them even closer together.

Fast forward to last December. Claire and Kevin were vacationing in Florida with Claire's family. Kevin suggested they take a trip to the beach to have a little time together and to exchange Christmas gifts. Claire had seen the gift box that Kevin had for her and it was far too large to be an engagement ring. The beach was quite the drive away and Kevin had a conference call for work so Claire was all "Let's just skip it and go another time."

What Claire didn't realize...the gift box was a DECOY. It was a deceptively large box holding that tell-tale ring-size box along with a photobook. Claire and Kevin had agreed to only exchange gifts they'd made themselves on this particular holiday and great minds think alike. Claire had made Kevin a scrapbook and Kevin had made the photobook. As Claire flicked through the pictures of them together over the years she said she could barely make out the words on the last page of the book through her tears. After she read, "Claire, will you marry me?" she looked up to find Kevin down on one knee with the ring.

Claire & Kevin, I hope you like this handful of pictures! I'm so excited to be your Wychmere wedding photographer next year!

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