Top tips for brides - installment 1

I've recently been checking out the blogs of some great photography colleagues including Amber and I've been inspired to put together some top tips for brides. This is based on:
1. My professional experience with all sorts of different weddings and brides as a photographer - and I am being completely honest here when I say that I have never had a bridezilla....thank you ladies!
2. My personal experience as a bride in Nov, 2007
3. My extensive experience as a bridesmaid - Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses has nothing on me...
So let's get to it

#1. Remember why you're getting married
When you're having a stressful planning day and maybe feel like crying...perhaps you're struggling to match the bridesmaid shoe color to the table linens...or the chocolate bar favors are only available in dark chocolate and you want milk chocolate...look at the big picture, go hug your fiancee and think about how your wedding is a celebration of the love and commitment you have for one another.

#2 Rules are meant to be broken - let's start with shoes
Who says that wedding shoes should be ivory satin with a demure kitten heel? When are you ever going to wear them again? Who cares if your seamstress throws up her hands in horror and says that the red soles of the Louboutin's aren't suitable for a bride? I'm photographed some great weddings with "something blue" strappy sandals and even sparkly flip flops! And just to prove I'm not all talk, here are my wedding shoes...

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