I would even break my arm all over again...

Tom first saw Linda
at a ski lodge and his interest was most definitely piqued. Tom wanted to find out more and had his chance apres ski that afternoon but they didn't have much time to talk and he barely found out her name.

Linda thought maybe Tom would call but after two weeks went by she wondered if maybe he wouldn't. Tom had broken his arm but Linda was definitely at the back of his mind . With the help of some mutual friends, they finally reconnected - yay! - and started dating.

Exactly one year later to that first party Tom & Linda were at the top of Wildcat preparing to ski together down the mountain slope. Tom thoughtfully noticed that Linda's ski bindings were loose and he knelt in the snow to gently tighten them. Linda looked down to see Tom holding a beautiful diamond ring. Tom asked Linda to be his wife. Linda said yes.

I am so excited to photograph their wedding at the stunning Willowdale Estate, MA and I had great fun with Linda & Tom on their lifestyle shoot (seriously - I'm done with the term "engagement shoot" - seems to frighten my fabulous relaxed clients with visions of stiff posed shots focused on the ring). As I photographed Linda & Tom in the courtyard of the beautiful Boston Public Library, they told me the story of how they met. And Tom said "I wouldn't change a single thing, I would even break my arm all over again..."

My fabulous friend Michelle will be best woman at the wedding (love that new trend, I am looking forward to my first wedding with a "Male of Honor" too...) and Michele has commented on how Linda & Tom have a great way of looking at each other like they're in their own little world. I noticed it when we first met to discuss their wedding and I saw it again at the shoot.

Linda & Tom - I hope you had as much fun as I did and I am really looking forward to November!

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  1. Awww....I love the colors and fun feeling of these. Glad you guys had fun!! They turned out beautiful!!