Denise + Krikor :: Married (Part I)

You may remember Denise & Krikor from this blog post. I've been working on the pictures of their amazing wedding and when I sat down to write this morning I kept thinking of perfect individual scenes and moments, almost like remembering a play or a movie. I know I'm usually a little more irreverent in my writing (it's all about having fun right?) but humor me as I try to recreate the magic of that wedding now.....

...and it's somewhat of an epic post so I'm splitting it into two. Check back tomorrow for the second half.

Scene One, Hyatt Hotel, Boston
: The bridal suite is buzzing with anticipation and excitement. A wedding dress is suspended on a hanger. Waiting. The scent of deep red roses, almost black in color, perfumes the air along with a mist of hairspray and make up.

Sunlight streams in through the balcony catching the intricate beading and silver thread on the wedding dress

A bride just hours away from her wedding looks over at her bridesmaids with a huge smile on her face. Denise is calm and happy

Her closest and dearest friends gather round to help carefully slip on and button up her heavy silk gown.

A proud father waits patiently in the next room for the moment his only daughter and little girl steps out in her dress ready to marry the man she loves. He holds his camera high; not wanting to miss a thing.

She steps out towards the light (I am loving this image by the way)

A mother smiles as she sees the crystals that have been added to her wrist corsage by her thoughtful and loving daughter. She pulls her in for a tight hug.

Denise's eyes sparkle.

The elevator pings and the bridal party step out into the hot August afternoon to travel the short distance to the church.

Scene Two, St Stephens Church, Watertown

Soft rays of light filter through the stained glass windows casting pink and purple hues across the dresses and suits of the guests. Little children twist in their seats to see what's happening.

The father of the bride smiles proudly as he offers his arm for his daughter to take as he walks her down the aisle to give her hand in marriage to the man that loves her.

The groom waits at the altar. He sees his bride for the first time; and he gently smiles at her as she walks towards him.

Eyes closed and foreheads touching, they can't help the smiling.

The ceremony is thoughtful and emotional. The groom's brother holds a cross over the couple; golden crowns are worn to symbolize their own little kingdom and home that will be created.

The newly married couple walk back down the aisle to the congratulations of their friends and family.

After the hugs and congratulations, all the guests gather on the steps of the church. A cheer goes up and there is applause as the new Mr & Mrs. Krumlian share a kiss.

More to follow...including the families and the wedding party at Boston harbor, the toasts and the dancing. Oh the dancing! Don't be shy, feel free to leave a comment!


  1. thanks for checking out my blog! that bouquet is absolutely STUNNING! ~emilie

  2. Loving your new blog Leah! Now your beautiful images have a beautiful blog home. I love that you tell us something about your couples day! Sending lots of love from Michigan. We miss you!!!

  3. Leah -- Thought I knew what to expect given how much I loved Denise and Krikor's engagement shoot... but this is fantastic! Thank you and wonderful work.