Denise + Krikor :: Married (Part II)

Just to recap, in part I of this post Denise & Krikor got married, and now we're starting back just after the ceremony. I was planning on going right through the reception but to prevent this being a 30 image post I'll be covering the reception in part III, up shortly. Without further ado, we're back at St Stephens Church in Watertown:

While I'm a big believer that your wedding is not a photoshoot, I love love love it when a couple schedule an hour or so for relaxed portraits. So I was overjoyed to learn that we had almost 90 minutes between the ceremony and the reception in which to shoot the wedding party and then some pictures of Denise & Krikor alone.

We headed down to Boston Harbor. The sun was hot and high in the sky; reflecting off the blue water. The wedding party made their way along the waterfront laughing, receiving congratulations from passersby and toots on the horn from the boats in the water. Denise and Krikor held hands tightly.

Contrary to popular belief, a hot and sunny day doesn't usually make for the best pictures. A slightly overcast day with soft cloud cover is a photographer's dream and I found a great little area with nice open shade and said "Come on guys, let's go hang out over here"

Pierre took this direction literally:

The light was soft and beautiful; I was taking pictures of Denise when we noticed the guys in the background goofing off. Totally not posed or set up. Krikor had obviously been giving them instruction on GQ-style posing.

Krikor and his brother and best man Ashod:

I am loving this picture! Denise wearing the shades and Krikor just beaming:

Wedding party rocking it out and looking rather cool:

The wedding party hopped back into their limo and headed back to the Hyatt. And Denise & Krikor got to enjoy time alone, a little break after the ceremony and before the reception, to talk about the day so far, to laugh, kiss and hug. And I had my 70-200mm paparazzi style lens on to capture it all from afar:

Well, maybe I gave them a teeny tiny bit of direction here:

Last one for now. Denise & Krikor in their own little bubble:

Check back later for part III with the dancing. Seriously, the dancing!

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