Kristine + Marc :: Almost Married...

Next weekend Kristine & Marc will get married! Whooo hoooo. I for one can't wait because it's virtually impossible to take a bad picture of these two lovebirds.
I remember meeting them both for the first time in Starbucks in Newburyport. Kristine was clutching a big white wedding planning file and I thought "ah ha, a big planner, all about the wedding", I couldn't have been more wrong. The file sat unopened on a chair and Kristine just talked about how excited she was to be married to Marc. Marc sat across from Kristine with the biggest smile on his face each time he looked at her.

I want everyone who books me as their wedding photographer to feel 110% confident in their choice and so I encourage every couple I meet to go home and talk together before they make any decision. I sent Kristine & Marc off with a lunch recommendation and wished really hard that they would choose me to photograph their wedding. When I got this email from Kristine later that night I was SO happy

"So, Marc and I agree that you would be the perfect fit for us! It took all that I had to not run back over to Starbucks and tell you that. By the way we went to Me and Ollie's for lunch and it was awesome."

We did a mini shoot at Salisbury Beach a while back and then met up again to do their full lifestyle shoot in Newburyport. So much fun! Click on the little white "play" triangle for a mini movie


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  2. I love Newburyport, what a great place for a session:) beautiful images.