Happy Thanksgiving to you & Happy Anniversary to us

I'll keep this brief as I'm sure you'd rather see wedding pictures rather than turkey pictures...

We had a phenomenal Thanksgiving on Thursday at our extended non-family. Non-family is my new phrase for a group of people that are closer and better than just friends but you're not actually related to them.

I took a picture of Paul and then he took one of me from across the table, and I figured you couldn't have a Thanksgiving post without a turkey:

Thursday was also our two year wedding anniversary. We belatedly celebrated yesterday with some great BBQ from Goody Coles and a bottle of La Reve champagne we brought back from one of our Napa trips.

And then because I love our wedding pictures so much (almost as much as I love my husband) - thanks to www.wynnlasvegas.com - I figured I'd share:


  1. Happy Anniversary -- you both look so happy and in love. Killer shoes :)

  2. Happy Anniversary - loved the video

  3. Leah, I felt like having a "wedding fix." It's always so much fun to view loving couples on their special day, beautifully dressed and coiffed, in a gorgeous setting, surrounded by adoring family and friends - all displayed in whimsically awesome photographs! Your site is totally addictive, but it was a double-pleasure to click on and discover your personal wedding photos!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Paul! I do hope you still have those incredible shoes; I think I'd go somewhere just right for showing those off on every anniversary.

  4. Oh yay! I LOVE seeing your pictures. I am totally with my mom. Your site is a wonderful wedding addiction. Happy Belated Anniversary!