Tracey + Kyle :: Wedding at Zorvino (Part II)

Yesterday I posted about the moment when Tracey & Kyle first saw each other on their wedding day, click HERE if you missed it. It's now about 5:50pm, guests are being seated, the musicians are playing and those clouds continue to roll in overhead.

The color scheme was beautiful - rich deep purples and fuchsia. The wedding ring of Tracey's late father was carefully tied to her bouquet so that he'd be with her in spirit as she walked down the aisle.

Kyle was accompanied by his sister and best (wo)man. I've had at least 5 weddings this year with this trend -males of honor, bridesmales and groomswomen - I think it's pretty cool.

The bridesmaids; I think that might be the nicest purple I've seen in a while

It's now about 6:02pm and the ceremony starts. At approximately 6:07pm it went almost completely dark and down came the rain (for those into the technicalities, the shot below was taken at ISO3200 as it was so dark). It was soon very evident that this wasn't a light shower. Tracey & Kyle just shrugged, smiled and everyone headed inside for take two.

If you're planning a outdoor wedding in New England, it's really a good idea to pay some attention to what the rain alternative will be. Yes, you can cross your fingers and say "well, it just won't rain" but of the 15 weddings I've shot this year, it's rained at 3 and snowed at 1 so you have to be prepared! Luckily, the main room at Zorvino Vineyards has beautiful fireplace:

Tracey has beautiful taste as demonstrated by the stunning flowers and this rather magnificent cake:

The first dance as Mr & Mrs Harris:

Excellent toasts were given by the sisters of the bride and groom

Bob is a hoot. A die-hard Elvis fan and an absolute hoot. He corralled a large number of family members and friends to suddenly appear wearing Elvis t-shirts, sunglasses and bright pink cummerbunds with silver "E" buckles. Kyle was "initiated" into the family by donning a pair of Burning Love pants and dancing with his bride which he did with good-humor. Kyle's Mom turned out to be a secret Elvis fan too!

Kyle looks at Tracey and his whole face just lights up:

Congratulations Tracey & Kyle, it was an honor for me to photograph your wedding and document the love and laughter between you both and of your friends and family. Wishing you huge happiness together. L xxx


  1. It is so great when a couple is way more focused on enjoying the day than on how it SHOULD be. That inspires me so much. Congratulations to this beloved couple, and great job to you for staying in the moment and capturing lots of ooooh moments. Love the love that's everywhere in these images.

  2. Thanks Ajira! They were so happy together that it was easy to show it in the photographs. Leah

  3. Yes, you captured their joy vividly. I love how sparkly their eyes are in that 'toast' shot.