Tracey + Kyle :: Wedding at Zorvino Vineyards (Part I)

It was a crisp early fall day and the sky was beautiful and clear on the morning of Tracey & Kyle's wedding at Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH.

After getting hair and make up done at daeva salon in North Andover it was time to head over to Zorvino. The white stretch limo pulled up at the house and Tracey's Mom, Sisters and Best Friend jumped in. And here's why I just love Tracey and her sense of fun - she shrugged off the concerns about her elaborate hair and veil and decided to ride with her Stepfather Bob in his white convertible Corvette:

Note: we were stopped at a red light and I put my car in park to take this one through the windscreen. Remember - safety first kids!

As a photographer, I'm very aware that your wedding is exactly that - your wedding - and not my photoshoot. When I meet with couples, we work out how much time they want to spend taking photos and what's realistic in that timeframe. Some will schedule 3 hours of time to hang out with the bridal party in different locations for a ton of relaxed and fun pictures. Others want me to blast through the family shots in 15 minutes so they can get straight to cocktail hour.

For some couples, the concept of a "first look" really appeals. We find a beautiful location before the ceremony and the bride and groom see each other for the first time away from all their family and friends. It's a special and private moment (I've got a super long zoom lens on so it's really just the two of them) and they can enjoy some quiet time together in all the craziness. One of my 2009 brides sent a great note about how seeing her husband-to-be before the ceremony was such a calm and perfect time that her memories of walking down the aisle were so much more vivid and clear.

Tracey & Kyle decided they would do a "first look" so they could really enjoy their reception. Kyle stood looking out over the vineyard and Tracey quietly approached him from behind. How cute are these two?

I asked Tracey if she had any regrets or would have done anything differently and here's what she said:

"I'm so happy that we did the "first look"! I was waiting all day to see Kyle and I LOVED the opportunity to see him for the first time by myself. Walking over to see him, I was both excited and nervous. When I think of it, I can actually still see his face turning around to see me. I can honestly tell you it is one of my most vivid and special memories of the whole day. It seems as though that was just about the only "alone time" we had which made it even more special. Having the opportunity to be together, talking and laughing helped me to get over any nervousness I had and be relaxed throughout the ceremony. If I had to do it all over, I would do it exactly the same way!

Also, I think taking pictures ahead of time made everything seem less rushed and really gave us time to enjoy the cocktail hour and the rest of the night. It worked out especially well for us because of the rain!"

Oh yes, the rain, we'll get to that shortly. So in about 45 minutes we had all the pictures of the families and wedding party taken and the rest of the day was simply to enjoy!

Hello wedding party, Tracey & Kyle can't keep their eyes off one another :-)

I'll finish this post with two favorites; pay close attention to the imcoming storm clouds in the last picture. Tune in later to see pictures from the beautiful ceremony (both indoors and outdoors) and the ceremony including a guest appearance by a number of dancing Elvis's.

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  1. Beautiful wedding Leah! I love the wedding dress but most of all, I adore the love with which these two gaze at each other. So sigh worthy!! :-)