More fabulous engagement pictures in the snow...a little more Jonathan and Lunda

I'm sitting here editing Linda & Tom's wedding (more on that in the next day or two) and I'm feeling very festive, the pine smell of the tree, the twinkly lights, Paul making some Cornish pasties (??), a glass of Bailey's at my side and the Christmas music playing. My Christmas mix CD has a lot of songs that are not neccesarily classed as songs of the season but they were released around this time so they're forever Christmas songs in my head. And as "It's oh so quiet" by Bjork started to play I thought it might just work well with Lunda & Jonathan's pictures...

If you haven't read the story of how these two got together, read it HERE and if you've already read it but you'd like to see a little more then click on the little white "play" triangle below to see a little movie.


  1. Fabulous, love love love it!

  2. OMG, I was getting worried about doing engagement pictures in the snow but these look great. I wish you lived in New York, I am going to send our photographer a link to your site