Winter Engagement Pictures in the Snow :: Neeta + Richard in Maudslay State Park and Newburyport

Neeta was at school at Northeastern University when she had the opportunity to join the ballroom dancing team; sometimes doing something new on your own can be a little daunting. Neeta decided to be brave - phew, good decision Neeta! - and that's how she met Richard.

Richard noticed Neeta at that very first meeting and decided then and there that he had to get everyone's phone numbers to build a team database. Methinks he had an ulterior motive for getting all the numbers. And what do you know - once he had Neeta's number he just happened to invite her out for coffee :)

Coffee turned into a long conversation over hot cider, which led to going back to Rich's house to watch a Disney video that Neeta had never seen, which led to more dates and Neeta and Rich becoming partners on the dance team. And then one day many years later out on a gondola on the Charles River, Rich asked Neeta to be his wife and Neeta said yes! And now they're getting married at Hyatt Regency, Cambridge later this year and I'm thinking the first dance is going to be spectacular! From dance partners to partners for life.

We met up in Newburyport for engagement pictures in the snow for their save-the-date cards. The first stop was Maudslay State Park:

The emails were flying before the shoot while we figured out locations and I shared my little "Tips, Tricks and Suggestions for Amazing Engagement Pictures" document with Neeta. The most important piece of advice is always to just relax and have fun. Just have a little date - hold hands, hug, get nice and close, a little kiss doesn't hurt - and maybe you just happen to have your own paparazzo following you.

I'm a big proponent of laughing so I love this next shot. One of my favorite things about engagement photos is that I get to know each couple a little bit more, this was a mini shoot so we'll be meeting up again in the Spring for more pictures. And then by the time the wedding comes around, hopefully Neeta and Rich will be super relaxed around me and they won't even know they're being photographed.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one - Neeta, if the day job doesn't work out, I think you should send this picture to Colgate and they'd sign you up as a smile model in an instant :)

I always encourage couples to bring anything of significance with them to the shoot - I've shot dogs (you need to bring a handler to take them home afterwards, plus maybe a lint brush), chess sets, cameras and so I was honored when Neeta and Rich introduced me to Liger. With animal allergies, Liger is their adored pet and has taken many trips with them. He was remarkably easy to direct and surprisingly photogenic in his little scarf.

A quick change of clothes and we drove to downtown Newburyport. Neeta and Rich had said that they were nervous about the shoot and they'd like as much direction as possible - phooey - they were super cute together and needed no help from me.

My instructions for most of the pictures were "hey - go take a little walk over there" and this is just how they are with each other - happy and cozy and caring and loving. Looking at this one again, the image on the left is just so true to Neeta and Rich - you can't direct and create this kind of trust and level of comfort - it just is.

The neon Fowles sign is somewhat of a landmark in Newburyport and it has a old fashioned feel so I thought I'd play with an old school effect with a little grain for something a little different. Liking? Not liking?

As it started to get dark, I wanted to get a few more shots with the lamps in the background. Neeta hopped up on a step and I think these are some of my favorite pictures of the day.

Neeta & Rich - too much fun - I hope you love the pictures and I'm looking forward to our next "date" in the Spring. And thanks for the hot chocolate!

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  1. Wow, Leah, I love them all! Great pics! You did such an awesome job! I love the one with Liger! He looks cold, but I know he will love it! :)

  2. Hi Leah! How in the world did you capture these AMAZING images of us?? Absolutely love these photos and your work. We're telling all our friends about you! Thanks again and looking forward to our spring shoot!

  3. Leah - you have the most amazing winter engagement sessions. Love that pink coat!

  4. oooooooooooooooh!!! Just when I thought these two couldn't get any more photogenic! %)