Happy Valentine's Day

I'm always in two minds about Valentine's day. The cynic in me feels it's a Hallmark holiday designed to force people to buy cards and chocolates and flowers when it's really the little things each day that count. And then there's the side of me that feels so happy and has a big grin on her face when the doorbell unexpectedly rings on Sunday morning and a big box of two dozen roses is delivered.

And then there's the part of me that thinks uh-oh, I got Paul a card and a pack of socks. I'm such a bad wife :)

So I attempted to improve my wifely rating with an artistically presented dinner. Cookie cutter towers make everything look better. Thanks Martha.

Hope you're having a great day with or without a heart shaped box of chocolates


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Leah! I also have always hated the holiday. I felt it makes single people miserable and couples spend money. However, Rich *loves* the holiday and surprised me with a weekend away! HOW SWEET! What did I get him? A card. :) Love the roses!

    PS. That dinner looks *awesome*! What is it?

  2. A weekend away! Your husband-to-be is a big old romantic at heart I think! There should be a little something in the mail for you two tomorrow if it didn't come today.
    Dinner - tomatoes in a little olive oil and vinegar layered avocado and then with smoked salmon in a little lemon juice toped with lump crab meat. Build it all in a cookie cutter and then slide off to leave a perfect little tower. Very tasty! Have a great week!

  3. Paul's roses are beautiful, but you definitely upped your "wifely rating" with that dinner! I have to try that!

  4. I should be getting tips from you Marylyn considering how long you and Don have been married for!!!

  5. Flowers are looking very pretty. Amazing decoration!
    Thanks for such adorable post.