Patience is a virtue?

When I moved to the US from the UK in 2002 one of the hardest things was leaving behind my friends and family. I was really lucky to make some great new friends including Emma & Deb. Over the years there have been job changes, location changes, weddings (for me and Deb, Emma got married when she was like 12), and now babies (for them, not me) and through it all we've been pretty much constant in our lunch dates once a month. Mostly at Sweet Basil in Andover where we only ever get one lunch delivered at a time, but we like the Pad Thai so much that we don't stress over the random service. And once in a while we even go out for dinner with the husbands, the last time was December and featured my green Dorothy Oz shoes.

Anyhoo, you would imagine that having a friend who's also a photographer would be a good thing right? Alas, poor Emma and Deb, I've inevitably got my camera with me when we all hang out but the pictures of their super cute kids are held hostage on the memory cards until I'm all caught up with wedding season.

Last week we lost power and internet for a night but thanks to the 3 hour Mac laptop battery I managed to get a little caught up with pictures and thought I'd share with you. First some snapshots of Emma (and Mitch's) twins - seriously, how cute are they?

And then Deb (and Mark's) baby girl - I met Deb at the beach the day after I picked up the rather delicious 105mm f/2.8 Macro lens and so there were a lot of close ups :) - I'm wondering what kind of industrial strength eye-drops I'd need to get amazing sparkly eyes like Samantha:

And don't get me started on the pictures I still have to work on of my amazing Goddaughter....we went to see the Lion King yesterday, at just two and a half years old, she did incredibly well to sit quietly in the theatre. Except for when Mufasa dies - he's lying on the floor with the lionesses crying over his dead body - and this little voice rings out "Ohhh, does the daddy lion have a boo boo?"

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  1. I was 27 not 12!!!!! Although we are now in our 19th year together......
    Seriously, thanks Leah for yet more fabulous photos, they just keep coming (eventually)! To all those brides to be out there that visit this blog to look at Leah's work, I think her expertise shines through her photos but you also couldn't meet a nicer and more creative person who will help make your day so special without you even noticing she was there. Oh yes, and you won't wait a year for your photos :)
    Thanks Leah, love Em