NH Engagement Photographs :: Lauren + Aladin

I first met Lauren in Newburyport with her Mom Julie, her sister Kate and her future sister-in-law Maja to talk about photographing her June wedding to Aladin. It was a cold cold day in January and the ladies had been busy looking for and trying on bridesmaid dresses.

It was warm inside the restaurant and the wedding albums were being passed back and forth, Kate was pointing out a shot she liked to Julie and we were looking at coverage of a complete wedding on my laptop. Lauren sat very calmly, sipping her hot chocolate and I remember how her face lit up when she talked about Aladin.

We'd been planning a Spring shoot yesterday in Boston but with the crazy rain and snow this weekend we rescheduled for May. Lauren & Aladin had a long drive back to Philadelphia yesterday (school/work) but we decided to squeeze in a little mini shoot in case of more naughty weather in May (which won't happen!). And so I was delighted to finally meet Aladin:

Lauren & Aladin first met at Boston University back in 2002 when a mutual friend arranged a big group trip to the movies, the movie led to dinner, the dinner led to Aladin tutoring Lauren in Calculus, and in just 7 weeks time they'll be married.

When I shoot engagement pictures, I'll throw out a little direction and some suggestions but these two were just a pleasure to photograph. Aladin looks at Lauren so tenderly and Lauren just beams back at him:

Aladin asked Lauren to be his wife during a trip to the Poconos. He knelt down on one knee and asked her the question with an heirloom ring from Lauren's family. Lauren said yes:

Did I already mention that they're super cute together?

So although we didn't get into Boston for our shoot, I think we made out pretty well in Plaistow, NH! Much as I love shooting in the city, I also love getting lovely pictures in unexpected locations. We literally shot for maybe 10-15 minutes yesterday; these were just outside of Plaistow Library; Lauren and Aladin are humoring me when I declared we could be in Provence with all the yellow flowers:

This might be my favorite shot - still and quiet:

I'm SO looking forward to May and then the wedding in June. Aladin - it was lovely to finally meet you and thank you for not getting upset when I tried to steal your sunglasses and car keys. I'll leave you with this picture of Lauren who is going to be an absolutely stunning bride:

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  1. THESE ARE LOVELY!!!!!!! Your photography is SO beautiful- not to mention your models... ;)

    Katherine from Simply Natural Photography

  2. That's my best friend! Awesome shots congrats Aladin and Lauren.

  3. Thank you Katherine!

    Palmer - you're the best man right? Looking forward to meeting you on the 5th!

  4. Congratulations Aladin & Lauren
    Can't wait for the wedding!!!!

  5. Leah, the pictures are awesome! It was great meeting you yesterday.

  6. You two are beautiful... and Lauren, as gorgeous as you already were 6-7 years ago... Just the same as I remembered.

    I can't wait to attend to your wedding.

  7. Truly wonderful pictures, Leah. I'd heard you were good. Now I know you're great. Thank you for capturing so much of what makes these two so special.

  8. Awesome,awesome,awesome!
    Soooo beautiful and lovely pictures.
    Wish you beeing happy and well looking entire
    your life. My love to both of you.

  9. Just beautiful...and Lauren doesn't even look cold! I can't wait to see more.

  10. Always amazed at your talent. Beautiful couple!

  11. Oh my God this is cuteness overload!!! I love you guys!!!!