Boston Engagement Pictures :: Battery Wharf + The North End :: Alison + Matt

On Sunday evening I met up with Alison & Matt in the Sensing bar of the Fairmont Battery Wharf hotel in Boston to take their engagement pictures. I'd met Alison before but not Matt so we ordered a drink before we went out to the balmy 70 degree late afternoon.

The Celtics game was on in the background as we chatted about their October wedding, the wedding party made up of family members, Alison's dress and other plans. As the game approached the end we figured it wouldn't be fair to drag Matt away and it was a wise decision - those four free throws by Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in the final seconds were the only points the Boston Celtics managed in the final 5 1/2 minutes - and the only points they needed [I totally got this from, I don't have a clue about this stuff but I bet I had you fooled for a minute]. I'm mentioning this as during the last few minutes of play Matt would bounce out of his seat to see the TV better and then come back over to play with Alison's hair, squeeze her shoulder and grin at her. They're really cute together.

Anyway, I'm sure you're here for more pretty pictures and not my inept ramblings on the topic of basketball. Alison suggested Battery Wharf for a shooting location and it was an excellent choice, we wandered along the waterfront and took photographs in the North End parks. I asked Matt how he was coping with the whole picture-taking thing. He said the experience was"about the same" which I took to be positive, at least it wasn't worse than he was expecting.

Alison and Matt both went to school at Bates College, Lewiston, ME. They had mutual friends and even had some classes together. Matt said that he totally noticed Alison in class. Alison said that she didn't notice Matt. Matt replied that was because he sat in the back.

I asked Alison & Matt where their first date was and they looked at each other, smiled and blurted out Applebees explaining that they were poor students at the time. There was obviously something good in the neighborhood that night as seven years later they're engaged to be married in just a few more months.

I usually keep the month of May pretty free as it's a popular time for engagement sessions, the weather is warming up, the trees are blooming and couples need pictures for their guest signature books or for next year's save the date cards. I've done 11 engagement shoots already this year and so I LOVE it when I get to shoot somewhere new. The North End might just be my new favorite location with all of the interesting little parks:

I have no idea where we were for these pictures, I apologize if this is your house but I saw the lovely twinkly lamps and was like a moth to the flame. I think these two are my favorites images:

I cannot wait to photograph Alison as a bride. She has amazing green eyes - no photoshop tomfoolery happening here:

As the sun started to set and we headed back, I asked them what they were most looking forward to about being married. Alison immediately replied, "Just seeing each other every day." to which Matt emphatically responded, "Most definitely." And that ladies and gentlemen is what it's all about right? Spending time together and just being happy.

Matt and Alison's wedding is going to be brilliant for a number of reasons:
1. They are both very lovely people (much better than mean people whom as a general rule I decline to work with)
2. They are very much in love and photogenic to boot. See evidence above.
3. Matt is confident in his abilities to avoid goldfish kissing syndrome
4. Their reception is at the awesome Colonnade hotel. Can you say "Pictures on the Rooftop Pool" with me?
5. The timeline is well thought out so that guests can relax, freshen up and enjoy Boston between the ceremony and cocktail hour and they'll have time to spend together and get some amazing pictures.
6. Although they're obviously looking forward to the wedding, I sense that it's just as much if not more about the actual marriage for these two. Most definitely.

And that's all for today. Happy Tuesday to you. Happy Birthday to me.


  1. These are such beautiful photographs!!! Very good looking pair!!!

  2. These are beautiful photos and comments about Ali and Matt, you have captured them and their relationship beautifully!