Engagement Pictures :: Erin & Jeffrey

Last week I photographed Erin & Jeffrey in Manchester, MA. When Erin sent me the link to the location I was pretty intrigued by the description "Hike past a scenic pond and through a small forest of pine and oak to reach a spectacular seaside lawn offering memorable views of Massachusetts Bay and the North Shore." Usually the word "hike" sends a shiver of fear down my spine but this was a rather lovely little walk as evidenced by Erin managing it in heels:

Geek photographer moment (feel free to skip this part): I recently added the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens to my arsenal and I've been figuring out how to best use it for sweeping wide shots for the 2010 wedding season. I've been super impressed with how fast and sharp it is and I'm envisioning some spectacular wide-angle ceremony shots and other fun with this lens. I was playing around with it for the next shot and I love how it came out.

As we came out of the forest we were met by a huge expanse of rolling green lawn overlooking the water, I feel like this picture has somewhat of an Alice In Wonderland feel to it.

And much as I love the new lens it's just for the occasional picture. Erin & Jeffrey, it's time for your close-ups:

Sorry blog reader, what's that you say? You'd like to see more of Erin's fabulous dress and accessories? Why of course! I love love love it when there's a pop of color in pictures - super cute dresses with amazing necklaces on engagement shoots, bright wedding bouquets, bridesmaids dresses in fushia pinks, kelly greens, sorbet oranges (can you tell I've been reading the jcrew catalog again?). Oh and pockets - how good are pockets in dresses? I'm waiting for a bride to have pockets in her wedding dress. Stylin' not to mention handy for a kleenex.

Here we are on the rocks, overlooking the sea:

And we had to take advantage of these interesting trees forming a natural arch:

We were the only people here for much of the shoot but that didn't mean we were alone. Nope, the reservation is also home to geese. Lots of geese. I won't get into the details but you have to watch your step a little.

And after all the hiking, walking and rock climbing, I figured it was time for a good old-fashioned goose-chasing session. I particularly like the leg positions of Jeffrey and the goose, gives the picture a strange sort of symmetry:

If you're new to the blog (and new or old feel free to hit the "view comments for this post" then select "name/url" and leave a little note, comments always improve my day!) then you might like to check out the mini- shoot I did with Erin & Jeffrey in the Boston Public Library over the holidays so they'd have engagement pictures for their save the date cards. Erin told me that she used the picture of her giving Jeffrey a piggy-back in the newspaper announcement - much better than the usual traditional engagement shot! In that first blog post I explained how their relationship started with a wink. And they were very good sports when I suggested they try to recreate the wink moment in these shots:

Then we noticed the lilac bushes so I crawled into them for a kind of paparazzi-style shot. I also smelt very lilac-y for the rest of the day:

We started to head back as the property closes at sunset and stopped for Jeffrey to demonstrate his stone-skimming skills. We counted at least 9 bounces I think:

The End:

I am super excited for Erin & Jeffrey's wedding at the Griffin Photography Museum in October, I have a feeling it's going to be a little bit different (in a very good way) and I can't wait to document the day. Erin & Jeffrey - thank you for being so easy to photograph, thank you for entering into the goose-chasing shenanigans and thank you for being so cool to work with!


  1. YES!! Oh my goodness it is every bit as gorgeous as you described. I LOVE that super wide photo of them kissing. Perfect, Leah :)

  2. I got a phone call from Erin today. As we talked about how our work days were going, she got an email from Leah linking to this post. After that, the whole conversation revolved around the following phrases: "these look so good!" "this is so perfect!" "you look so handsome!" and "you have to see these!"

    I can't thank you enough for capturing that day for us, and I am super excited and confident about our wedding day in October.

    Really - awesome.


  3. Kate - thank you for the comments :) We are totally going for a day out right?

    Jeffrey - this might be the best comment I've ever had :) :) hence two smiley faces. So happy that you and Erin like the pictures and I'm looking forward to getting even more amazing photographs at your wedding.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, so sharp and colorful

  5. I am so excited for our engagement session now! Love the geese shots!

  6. Oh my god, Leah! These are amazing. I LOVE THE GEESE SHOTS!!!! =)

    -erika (from b school)

  7. Woow! Stunning pictures, perfect shots. My favorite one is the wide picture (second from top)of the lovely couple kissing, but all of them are just lovely.


  8. Amazing shots!!! The pictures are a work of art :)