Spring Engagement Pictures on Boston Common and Waterfront :: Neeta + Rich

I am on FIRE today, two blog posts in two hours. I should probably space these out but who am I to deny you. All of these lovely engagement picture posts are coming at the expense of Sunday reading which will be back next weekend. Oh and if you haven't seen the Winter Engagement Pictures I took of Neeta and Rich, you can check them out **HERE** and read about how they met at Northeastern University years ago at ballroom dancing class.

Anyway, last weekend I shot Spring/Summer Engagement Pictures of Neeta and Rich. And I'd like to make an important announcement - not a single piece of photoshoppery teeth whitening happened in this post. I actually sent Neeta a note when I was downloading the pictures asking for the name of her dentist!

I really enjoy spending time with my wedding clients before the actual wedding, I get to know them a little better and I think it shows in the pictures. And whilst we're hanging out I get to see all the little things that make them...well...them. So I think I'll pepper this blog post with some of those observations.

I like a little irony once in a while:

Observation 1: Neeta and Rich have a lot of fun together. Much as I'd like to tell you they were laughing throughout the shoot at my fabulous wit, they simply make each other happy. Neeta has this totally infectious giggle that you hear and simply can't help but smile at. Neeta makes Rich smile - a lot

Observation 2: Rich takes care of Neeta in so many ways. He carried a backpack for most of the shoot so that she could slip off her heels and wear flipflops as we walked around the city. I'd be changing lenses and I'd look up to catch Rich gently fixing Neeta's hair as it blew in the breeze. Or just generally gazing at her :)

Observation 3: Dear Neeta's Mom & Dad. The braces were a great investment. Love Leah.

Observation 4: Neeta looks AH - MAAAAH - ZING in this picture.

Rich is looking pretty good too!

Observation 5: Neeta and Rich are insanely easy to photograph.
Schuyler from SchuylerPhoto (check out his work if you're a musician looking for an awesome CD cover!) will be second shooting their wedding and so he came along to meet them and to see me in action at an engagement shoot. I think he suspected I'd hired Neeta and Rich for the shoot as they were so comfortable in front of the camera!

Schuyler took the next one - see what I have to do to get these pictures??? Ah well, if you can't laugh at yourself looking like a beached whale on the floor what can you laugh at? And don't worry I would never do this during say...your vows...or the first dance :)

Observation 6: I am liking this escalator picture:

Prediction 1: Neeta and Rich will have a beautiful wedding at the Hyatt Cambridge in just a few months. They will smile and laugh together all day, spontaneously break out into their "dancing with the stars" moves and all their friends and family will happily celebrate with them.

Prediction 2: Neeta and Rich will live happily ever after:

Looking forward to August!!!


  1. oh, wow!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!! %)

  2. wow - pictures 5 & 6 are stunning. Your pictures are always so crisp and clear

  3. Wow Neeta. You and Rich look great!

  4. LOVE the one you had to lie down to take. My FAVE!

  5. Awesome!!! Love the view from the ground too!