Beverly, MA Wedding Photographer :: Rose Garden, Lynch Park :: Kristin + Zachary

It was a steamy 87 degrees on Saturday around noon and the sky was a PERFECT bright blue with not a single cloud in sight.

Kristin was getting ready with the girls at Zach's parent's home which happens to be almost next door to the stunning Rose Garden at Lynch Park in Beverly, Ma where their wedding ceremony would take place. Oh, and if you missed Kristin & Zach's engagement pictures in Newburyport with their beautiful daughter, Autumn, you can check them out **here**.

While the hair and make up team led by Rebecca Stankiewicz of Sapphire Studio (978-646-0047) worked their magic, I thought I'd start by photographing the wedding rings. Because what's better than a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne on the morning of your wedding?

Well, perhaps a glass of champagne with strawberries:

As part of their wedding ceremony, Kristin and Zach had picked out a delicate pearl bracelet for Autumn's tiny wrist. When I saw this nameplate at the front door it seemed appropriate as Autumn is the littlest Foley:

And speaking of Autumn, Kristin's dress was draped over the back of a chair waiting for me to find a spot to photograph it. Autumn made a beeline for Kristin's shoes. She had an intense look on concentration on her face as she tried to fasten the straps around her ankles:

Here's Kristin's dress, it looked absolutely perfect on her:

I love the anticipation in the air on the morning of a wedding, all of the little last minute activities and details. Kristin's Mom helping her with her bracelet, getting the bridesmaids into their dresses, time for Eskimo kisses:

Zach came home to quickly take a shower after a morning of golf with his groomsmen. The door opened and all we heard was "Daddy!!!!" as Autumn jumped into his arms:

I took advantage of this distraction and took some shots of Kristin's shoes, loving the little ruffles around the heels:

And then everyone was dressed and ready and it was time for Kristin & Zach to see each other for the first time. Here they both are just seconds before they saw each other.

Let's build the anticipation a little bit and look at the stunning flowers - love it when the flowers add a pop of color to the pictures. Alas, the super-talented florist that did these is no longer taking on new wedding commissions:

Zach stood under the porch and Kristin quietly walked towards him, he turned and this was one of my favorite smiles of the whole day:

With the ceremony being at 3pm (read 3:30pm because NO ceremony ever starts on time) and the cocktail hour starting at 4pm and being a little drive away, Kristen and Zach smartly decided to do family and wedding party pictures before the ceremony (more on those this week). Which made a lot of sense as everyone was looking and feeling fresh before standing in the hot sun for the ceremony. Plus Kristin & Zach got to spend a little more time together on their wedding day - this is a pretty happy couple if you ask me:

With twenty-one images above it's time for me to end this post. Recently someone asked me how I find time to blog and I actually prepare my pictures and write my blog posts late at night, often watching TV with Paul with my laptop on the sofa. And then through the miracles of scheduled blog publishing I set them to post the next day. You can see the ceremony **here** - the Rose Garden is my new favorite ceremony location - in fact I'll be back there on June 4th of next year for Meg & Dave's wedding.


  1. Wow, beautiful photos as usual! Kristin is a beautiful bride and she looks SO happy! I love her gorgeous smile! I think my favorite pics are their portraits right before the first look. :)

    Funny, I love her dress! That was my runner up... it looks so great in the pics! I hope I chose the right dress...

  2. Leah...Oh my Goodness, you are GOOD!!!!!
    We are all sitting on our computers today checking and checking to see some shots, calling bACk and forth...LOL...can't wait to see more of your magical photos!

  3. @Neeta - they're my favorites too! Kristin was simply beaming for most of the day. Your dress will be beautiful!

    @Joanne - I'll be scheduling posts pretty much every day this week so keep checking back! Ceremony tomorrow. Thank you for the kind words!

  4. Leah,
    Your photography is beautiful and you seem to capture the personalities in your photos.
    You have a wonderful creative eye.

  5. Absolutely beautiful couple! Fantastic photos!