Wedding Photographs at St Andrew's Church, Hopkinton, NH :: Lauren & Aladin

After all the getting ready fun which you can see **here**, it was time for the wedding ceremony at St Andrew's Church in Hopkinton, NH. I loved that Lauren's Mom drove her and the girls in the Prius - nothing like a green wedding. And is it just me or can you see that Lauren almost looks like she's on the catwalk here - sort of graceful and fierce all at once:

Hello lovely bridesmaids:

And then Lauren appeared in the archway, paused for just a moment and then calmly walked down the aisle"

And as she reached the altar, Aladin was waiting for her with a smile:


St Andrew's was built in 1803 and is a beautiful New England church for a wedding ceremony:

Beautiful readings from Lauren's Aunt Jane and Aladin's Sister Maja and a prayer from Lauren's Uncle Bill. These excellent shots were all captured by Schuyler Ortega who second shot for me up in the balcony:

There is nothing better than laughter at a wedding:

You may now kiss the bride:

As the newlyweds headed out of the church for the receiving line, I caught these shots. First Aladin's Mom might just win the "Proudest Mother of the Groom" award as she hugs her son:

And then Kathleen managed to stop her tears just long enough to hug her sister and new brother-in-law:

I'll leave you with these pictures as Lauren & Aladin walked through the crowd of happy friends and family. When Paul and I got married, our officiant spoke of the feeling of "indescribable joy" and that phrase seems very fitting:

And now you can click **here** for relaxed family portraits and pictures of the newlyweds...


  1. I think you captured their day no nicely!

  2. Beautiful images of a beautiful couple! Can't wait to see you in NY :)

  3. Love the bubbles pictures! The bride is like a little doll - exquisite! These are fabulous photos

  4. *LOVE* them! Your posts make my day first thing in the morning...

  5. The wedding has been captured so beautifully! I feel like I was there and to see Aladin look at Lauren the way he does, it makes me cry. Don't know Lauren but she has to be spectacular if she is married to Aladin who is just one of the most awesome and kind person I have ever met. Helen