Boston Engagement Pictures :: Waterfront + Faneuil Hall :: Hillary + Paul

According to *this* article:
15-20% of people met their spouse at school or work...
8-10% found the love of their life at a party or bar...
11% of people got lucky through their church...

Hillary's parents picked out her husband from the Yellow Pages.

Kidding! Well, not really. When I first met Hillary to talk about her wedding plans at Tupper Manor (with thanks to the wonderful Christina Doucette for the referral) I asked how her and Paul met. Hillary explained that her parents had hired Paul's paving company to do some work on their driveway and listed Hillary as the point of contact....

I met up with Hillary and Paul on a HOT Saturday morning in Boston and as we walked around the city they told me more about that week and a half of paving work...

Throughout the course of the week and a half Paul and Hillary would chat. Hillary admits that she had a crush on Paul but assumed Paul was married and not wearing a wedding ring due to the nature of his work. Paul admits that he thought Hillary was amazing, more than how she looks, how she holds herself and simply IS. But Paul is the consumate professional and didn't think it would be appropriate for him to ask Hillary out for a date.

As the days ticked by and the work was going on, Paul and Hillary got to know each other a little better. Paul would drop the odd piece of personal information into the conversation but Hillary didn't bite. Hillary said she didn't want Paul to get the wrong idea

On the final day of paving, it was a warm balmy evening and Hillary asked if Paul and his team would like a cold beer as they finished. Hillary was trying to delay Paul from leaving. Thinking of the professional liability, Paul asked if he could get a rain check. Hillary assumed her crush might just go away.

As the trucks left one by one, it was just Hillary and Paul that were left. Hillary was sitting on the porch thinking that she didn't want Paul to leave. Paul didn't want to leave either. He was planning on waiting a week or so and then calling Hillary but he explained to me that he didn't want to regret not saying something for the rest of his life.

So Paul asked Hillary to go on a date. Hillary told him to call her to make plans ;) Go Hillary!

Paul did call her and their first date was in Boston, at Kingfish restaurant.

And at the end of dinner neither Hillary nor Paul wanted it to be over so they walked and talked and got gelato in the North End (coconut and banana if you must know) and then walked and talked some more. Hillary ended up with pretty bad blisters but it was worth it.

Some time later, Paul & Hillary went away for the weekend and Paul had the engagement ring in his pocket. Paul thought about proposing at dinner but knew that Hillary would prefer something more private. So early the next morning, up high on the widow's walk, Paul asked Hillary to marry him. Hillary said yes.

This gentleman here is "Red" Auerbach, Coach and General Manager of the Boston Celtics for over 29 years. And the other two? That's Hillary and Paul who will be getting married next June!

Who'd have thought the Mass Traffic Tunnel Administration Building would make such a lovely backdrop:

This is one of my favorite pictures from the morning:

We found a patch of lovely soft light under the arch of the Boston Harbor Hotel:

And then wandered over the the aquarium. We may have stopped at the carousel but I may have agreed not to post those pictures ;)

Hillary & Paul will be married at the gorgeous historic Tupper Manor and I can't wait to document it with pictures. I'll leave you with this last image:


  1. Love your pictures as always. They are a cute couple. On our second date, we also went to Kingfish Hall then walked to the North End. I was wearing stilettos too and suffered from bad blisters, but did not want to complain!
    Another great job Leah!

  2. Christina @ Tupper ManorOctober 1, 2010 at 9:49 AM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these Leah! We are so excited for Hillary and Paul's wedding!