Groveland Fairways :: Wedding Reception :: Lori + Kris (Part IV)

After the beautiful ceremony at St Monica's church in Methuen, MA which you can see **here** and some relaxing family and wedding party pictures which you can catch up on **here**, it was time to party. Or should that be parrrrrr-tay [sorry, I wrote this blog post last night, Mr Haydock was away for the night and I may have had a glass of wine :)]

Groveland Fairways is a great location for a wedding reception plus it's just minutes from my house :) so I would give it an excellent review as a venue! There is a lovely porch for pictures, an outdoor patio for cocktail hour, Alicia was super organized and did I mention it's just minutes from my house? Here are some detail shots including the spectacular flowers from Michele Bernard:

Loving the wedding cake and the bride & groom cookie favors:

Announcing the newlyweds:

First dance:

This might just be my favorite father-daughter dance picture ever:

Hmmm...twinkle or tear?

Mmmmm - candy bar:

Kris danced with his Mom, more laughter:

The following pictures depict two very different types of kisses:

Lori got changed so she could really dance:

Later on in the evening, Lori skipped the bouquet toss and simply presented her bouquet to Nana:

Quiet moment:

DJ Dave from Get Down Tonight surprised the crowd with a rendition of Sweet Caroline. Kris's side were responsible for the "pah-pah pahs" and Lori's side answered back with "so good, so good, so good"

Good times indeed including a minor ruckus as the best man tried to play for both teams :)

So at our post-wedding reception at Atkinson Country Club I have a series of three photographs where I'm talking to my Dad. I may have had more than one blue martini so there is a somewhat goofy smile on my face but I love those pictures. When I saw Lori's grandfather talking and giving advice to first Kris and then Lori, the pictures felt kind of special to me:

Quick commercial break - feel free to head over to awesome videographer Justin Mayer's blog **here** to see a montage of Lori & Kris's wedding (just make sure you come back!). Justin's films are beautiful and he is hands-down the best videographer I have ever worked with (and I've worked with quite a few now!). He is professional, unobtrusive, thoughtful and most importantly he stays out my shots and I stay out of his. Sounds obvious but you would be AMAZED at how many times I have had to beg a videographer to please move the giant tripod out of the aisle so I can get a wide-angle shot of the church. I've worked with Justin at three weddings so far so you're thinking of having video at your wedding you really couldn't make a better decision than contacting Justin.

And that is it for the previews of Lori & Kris's fabulous wedding at Groveland Fairways. Are you sad it's over? Don't be! Lori & Kris are just back from their honeymoon in Italy and they're having a post-wedding party back on the West Coast! For those on your who won't be attending that we have Stephanie & Tim's wedding preview coming shortly to a blog near you.

Lori & Kris - wishing you a lifetime of happiness together. It was an absolute honor and a pleasure to photograph your wedding and get to know you both and your kind and welcoming friends and families. Ciao.

Oh, ok then, just one more. How about the last dance:

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