Hillview Country Club, North Reading, MA :: Wedding Photographer :: Stephanie + Tim (Part IV)

So after some relaxed family portraits we sent the families off to host cocktail hour and I took the wedding party down to the Hillview Country Club golf course for some pictures in the late afternoon sun. The super capable and organized Amy met us and had her team bring over cocktails and all sorts of delicious appetizers for the wedding party to enjoy.

Off we go:

As the wedding party made their way to the golf course, I stayed still so they sort of had to walk over me. I love love love Stephanie's expression here:

Stephanie & Tim joked that they chose their wedding party for their attractive looks. In reality, it was lovely to see the interaction with brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and close childhood friends. Here's a "formal" picture:

And then phooey to formal as a race was declared. Of course the guys took the race much more seriously whooping "loser!!" at Stephanie who had an obvious disadvantage trying to run in a wedding dress despite Allison's valient attempts to help her:

The guys were rocking it out on top of the hill, working it GQ style:

With a kiss of late afternoon backlight, the ladies didn't even have to try:


One last one...

It's not over yet...we've still got the grand entrance, the first dance, the toasts, the cake. Can you even stand it??!?! Shall I do one post or two.....decisions, decisions....

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  1. I have been reading your blog for the last few months now and I would love to know how you get the responses you do from your bride and grooms and the bridal parties?

  2. They are ADORABLE together! Love her bouquet!

  3. These are great, Leah. Everyone looks radiant. I especially love the last photo - would be great as a large canvas over a fireplace or sofa.