The wedding of Jenn + Eric (Part I)

I said this morning that more blog comments = more blog posts. I'll include facebook comments too so here's the second post of today. The third one is ready and waiting to go...

I know how much Jenn has been looking forward to seeing some pictures and I was planning on doing one giant post but there are so many favorites that I'll have at least two posts for you!

We already did some pre-wedding pictures at Kimball Farms which you should really catch up on **here** to better understand the candy theme and learn how Jenn personally dyed her crinoline hot pink using eight cans of RustOleum :)

Without further ado you can join me at the Justic of the Peace's home in Lowell where the simple ceremony took place:

As everyone arrived, I caught these shots of Jenn and her sister Laura who was also her bridesmaid. Hair by Juliette Turner and flawless airbrush make up by Kathy MacDonald at Beleza Salon

Jenn even incorporated the candy theme into her flip flops:

I like it when there's laughter at a wedding:

Rings were exchanged and then Eric kissed his wife:

After the ceremony, the two families enjoyed dinner with the newlyweds whilst I took some detail pictures. I should also take a moment to tell you how amazing welcoming all of Jenn & Eric's family and friends were. From Jenn's gran insisting that I eat dinner to Jenn's mom keeping me supplied with diet coke, it was an absolute pleasure to spend the evening with everyone.

When I first spoke on the phone with Jenn about the wedding plans, she explained that she was thinking of having a different cake on every table, I wasn't sure there were even that many kinds of cake but I was happy to be proved wrong. Here are just 4 of the cakes from Creative Cakes by Debby:

As if all of the cakes weren't enought there were also lollipops on the tables, a HUGE chocolate fountain with strawberries, cake, pretzels and my favorite - an ice cream sundae bar from Kimball Farms. I may have enjoyed a small bowl of Caramel Cashew Nut ice cream with marshmallow and hot butterscotch mmmmm:

It would be remiss of me not to show you Jenn's party shoes:

The flowers (A Whole Bunch Flower Market)were just spectacular with hot pink and red colors and little sparkles:

You'd like to see more of the flowers? How about I use them as a backdrop for the rock-tastic blingety bling of the wedding rings:

And that's just the beginning, the next post will have the relaxed family portraits, the first dance, toasts, a beautiful song by Jenn's sister Athena...

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