Colonnade Hotel Wedding :: Boston Wedding Photographer :: Alison + Matthew (Part II)

Alison & Matt's engagement pictures are **here** and part I of the getting ready pictures can be found **here**

And we're back in the suite at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA (did I mention it's my new top wedding venue in Boston?) and Taylor, Alison's sister-in-law is helping to fasten each teeny tiny silk wrapped button on Alison's wedding dress (which is from the most excellent Christina's of Andover, MA. I can say that for sure as it's where I got my wedding dress from). I knew Taylor was taking her job incredibly seriously when she donned gloves and pulled out the crochet hook:

I'll present the next series in black and white as I just loved everyone's reaction to seeing Alison in her wedding gown.

Matt's sister Meredith:

Alison's cousin and maid of honor, Ashlee:

Alison's dad and Matt's Mom:

After all that emotion it was time for a little happy dance:

It would be remiss of me not to show you the fabulous flowers by Les Fleurs of Andover, MA who specialize in a very European type of floral design:

Alison tells me that Les Fleurs should get an A+++ for being amazing to work with:

In case you're wondering how Alison got to be so beautiful I think we can firmly place at least 50% of the blame on her Mom. And in the picture on the left below it's probably too small for you to see but they both crinkle up their noses when they laugh in exactly the same way:

So Bride Magazine called and said they wanted their pictures back:

I could have hung out in the suite and taken pictures of Alison and her awesome family all day but hello? We've got a wedding to get to people!

But I will leave you with these last two pictures of Alison. They're both straight out of the camera simply resized for the web - no photoshop magic at all. In the first one Taylor had put a towel around Alison's shoulder to give her hair a last spritz of hairspray and I love how calm she looks:

And the second one? Well, I think it's safe to say this is a bride who can't wait to get married :)

Until tomorrow...coming up next is the ceremony, the some beautiful family portraits in the Boston Public Gardens (make sure to get your permit!) and then wait until we return to the Colonnade for the wedding reception. Your Thanksgiving turkey has nothing on the food art at cocktail hour!


  1. stunning bride! the close up of her is certainly Bride magazine worthy!! She's absolutely stunning!

  2. She is gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous girl!