Griffin Photography Museum Wedding, Winchester, MA :: Erin + Jeffrey (Part III)

OK where were we? Ah yes, taking some beautiful relaxed pictures at Sanborn House. More reasons why Erin & Jeffrey's wedding was awesome:
1. Instead of crossing their fingers against rain stopping outdoor portraits they found an old historic house in Winchester, MA and rented it for 2 hours a very reasonable fee. It didn't rain but it was such a great location that we took pictures there anyway.
2. We had plenty of time for family and wedding party pictures before the ceremony and even enough time for me to hop in the limo with the almost-weds for some more pictures.
3. Everyone got to enjoy cocktail hour. What's not to love about delicious little appetizers and champagne?

Loving this one of Erin and her bridesmaids:

And for those of you new to this blog I should mention I have a thing for shoes. Is it wrong that I just got an email from one of my favorite 2011 brides with no text and just a picture of her kick-a** purple Kate Spade wedding shoes? Would you deny me of the excitement I have knowing that Caitlin will be wearing silver Jimmy Choos at her wedding to Micky this weekend? So how could I resist this little bit of fierce foot posing by Erin? And then Jeffrey joined in too...

Erin's shoes were perfectly dyed to match the bridesmaids dresses by Shoes to Dye For in Natick, MA and she spoke very highly of the experience there.

So here we are in the limo off to take a few more pictures by the water in Winchester. Jeffrey is goofing off but I like this one anyway:

On arrival we found another wedding party on the bridge. So we patiently waited for the photographer with 5 cameras around his neck (?More cameras = More Better?) to finish. I think Erin was getting a little nervous around this point so I tried to give them a little time. Actually I may have been sort of behind a tree here:

And I've posted about timelines before but Erin & Jeffrey's wedding was virtually perfect from a timeline point of view. My ideal timeline would probably go something like this (let's assume it's September and will get dark around 6pm - adjust accordingly for other months):
1:00pm Leah arrives for detail and getting ready pictures
3:00pm First look for bride and groom
3:15pm Wedding party pictures
4:00pm Bride and groom pictures in nice soft light
4:30pm Get to church to set up
4:00pm Ceremony is planned to start
4:15pm Ceremony actually starts
4:45pm Ceremony ends
5pm Family pictures
5:30 - 6:30pm Everyone enjoys cocktail hour (sneak bride and groom outside for 5 minutes for some twilight pictures)
6:30pm Reception starts

And would you look at that - some nice soft light:

So we headed back to the Griffin Photography Museum and as Erin & Jeffrey took a minute to compose themselves before the wedding ceremony I took some more pictures of all of the incredibly thoughtful details including the beautiful flowers by The Celebrated Flower of Somerville, MA at (617) 661-0400 :

And flags for guests to wave:

The Intermezzo Chamber Players (who I was very happy to see again, they also played at Kristin & Zach's wedding at the Rose Garden in Lynch Park), started up their beautiful music and it was time for the wedding ceremony:

The ceremony was officiated by John Millspaugh of The Winchester Unitarian Society and it was one of my all-time favorite ceremonies. Am I allowed to have all-time favorite ceremonies? Why not. It was SO personal and touching and emotional all at the same time:

See, I wasn't the only one thinking it was emotional, this is Jeffrey's sister Leigha:

And by the power vested in me by the state of my blog, I now pronounce you husband and wife and you may kiss your bride

After the ceremony there were more happy tears and hugs:

And now it's time for cocktail hour. And remember when I was talking about finding 5 minutes for those twilight pictures...

More very soon...comments make me smile...

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  1. MORE! Love the one of them in the limo. His face is PRICELESS! So happy.

  2. gorgeous! and I see nothing wrong with loving shoes! her's were beautiful along with everything else!

  3. Awww... pretty! Love the pic of the shoes! Nice posing! And I *LOVE* the lighting under the trees! Those pics are beautiful! Also adore the sister with the tears. So touching!

    I check your blog every day and I was sad to see it quiet for a while! Nice to have you back! :)

  4. This is Jeff's mom. What a tremendous job you did capturing the joy and excitement of their special day. Thanks for making beautiful memories.