Leah Haydock Photography :: as seen on the American Music Awards 2010 on ABC

I have the BEST wedding clients. It's all true.

It's after midnight so I'll keep this brief...although when have I ever managed to be brief on the blog?!

Lori (who married Kris in September at Groveland Fairways, check out their wedding **here**) sent me a somewhat cryptic email on Friday looking for 2 jpeg files to be emailed to her ASAP mentioning something about only having her blackberry "backstage" and "a music show". I was most intrigued.

Fast forward to the American Music Awards 2010 tonight on ABC. Train (you know - Drops of Jupiter, Soul Sister etc) sang "Marry Me" and whose wedding pictures were featured in the montage behind them?!? Only my pictures of Lori and Kris. Yay for Lori!

Yes, you understand correctly. That means that Usher, Rhianna, Pink, Christina Aguilera, New Kids on the Block, heck - even Justin Bieber have all seen my wedding pictures. I'm expecting the phone to be ringing off the hook tomorrow what with all those crazy stars and their multiple weddings...

This is cooler than when I found out that Brooke Shields has checked out my blog (thanks Corey & Isaiah - see - told you I had the BEST wedding clients).

I snapped a few pictures of the TV for proof:

Luckily I am a wedding photographer not a television screen photographer.

In case you're wondering exactly which pictures are mine I've marked up the picture in the style of Perez Hilton:

Here are the original pictures:

So now the big question is...do I need to update my website to include such comments "As featured on the American Music Awards" or "As seen on ABC"?


Update: just found a clip of the video:


  1. That is so cool! So excited for you!

  2. Big Congrats to you! Kris and I were very lucky to have found such an AMAZING photographer to capture our special day. Thanks for the fabulous photos and fun memories! And YES, time to update your website!

  3. Wow - photographer to the stars! I'm very impressed!

  4. WOW!! that is seriously cool!!! Very impressive and I see nothing wrong with mentioning that they appeared on there!!

  5. Awesome!!! Congrats! Dave said that he thinks our photographs next year are going to worth lots of money when you are famous like Annie Leibovitz. We'll be able to say we knew you went...