Wedding pictures in Boston Public Gardens :: Alison + Matt (Part IV)

Hello! Did you have a lovely Thanksgiving? I did. And Christmas is coming early for the Haydock's this year as we'll be in the UK very soon and then back to the US to enjoy the holiday's here. Double fun.

Last time we met, click **here** to catch up, Alison & Matt just got MARRIED!!! I promised you pictures of the amazing appetizers at cocktail hour but then I got distracted with trying to eat as much food as I possibly could so we're a day late and I actually want to share some of the family/wedding party pictures we took before we get to cocktail hour.

So let's continue the day with a stroll in the Boston Public Garden. Yes, you can take wedding pictures in the public gardens. And yes, you should get a permit **here**. I know there's often debate about whether you really need to if you're just taking pictures vs. actually having a wedding but frankly, you don't want to risk being thrown out of the park on your wedding day for the sake of $100 (a bargain $50 for Boston residents).

How about we start with a relaxed family picture? Both families were just amazing to be around - wonderfully welcoming, friendly and so incredibly happy for Alison and Matt.

With each family and siblings:

These pictures of Alison with her cousin Ashlee make me smile:

It wouldn't be a blog post unless I try to impart some little nugget of wedding wisdom and so today I want to share the value of planning your timeline effectively (I've written on this subject before **here** and don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like input on your timeline)

Alison and Matt chose not to do a first look but they still wanted to have time for pictures AND to enjoy cocktail hour so their timeline looked something like this:
12:30pm Detail pictures/getting ready fun
2:25pm Guys leave for church, Leah also leaves to get set up for ceremony
3:00pm Ceremony
3:45pm Ceremony finishes, Alison & Matt spend time talking with guests outside of church
4:15pm Drive over to Boston Public Gardens
4:25pm Family pictures in gardens
4:45pm Wedding party pictures and couples portraits
5:15pm Drive back to Colonnade hotel - relax with champagne and appetizers, bustle dress
5:30pm Head up to roof top pool deck for 5 minutes of photographs
5:35pm Relax and freshen up before cocktail hour (Leah photographing details/room set up)
6:00pm Cocktail hour - time for the newlyweds to greet/mingle with guests
This was such a dream schedule for me as I had plenty of time to set up lighting, get all of the little detail shots that make up the day, heck - even I even put my camera down for 2 minutes to drink a diet coke. And I think the thoughtful scheduling really shows in the pictures. Anyhoo - random timeline lecture over.

The trees were almost bare in the public gardens as you'd expect in the fall/winter time but there were flashes of fall color still to be found:

With the equestrian George Washington statue:

For some reason I want to start humming "I'll be there for you..." when I see this image:

Alison was an incredibly versatile bride going from "laughter" to "statue of liberty" within seconds:

It was about 45 minutes from sunset - the BEST time of the day for pictures - when I took this one:

One more picture before we all piled back into the limos (another helpful tip - consider having your wedding photographer ride in the front of your limo it prevents us getting separated/losing time for parking - but do let me know in advance so I can have my assistant drive/park my car):

I'd say I took around 45-60 minutes to get all of the "formal" family pictures, wedding party pictures and couples portraits. We arrived back at the Colonnade for a glass of champagne for everyone and even had time to head up to Boston's only roof top pool for a few more pictures...but if you want to see them you need to leave a little comment below.

Five comments = Next blog post immediately (it's written and ready to go)


  1. The photo third from the end is so beautiful. I didn't realize you need a permit for pictures in the PUBLIC gardens! I will have to look into this.

  2. Wedding shots in Boston Public Garden.. TRES CHIC!

  3. Ali P - you should be modelling!!!!!

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous....MORE PLEASE!! :)

  5. These pictures are so gorgeous, can't wait to see the rest!

  6. More photographs please

  7. I check in frequently, over and over again ! These pictures are stunning, they capture my niece's personality perfectly, along with Matt's calm demeanor. I live far away, and was so happy to make it home for this wedding ! Seeing the pictures lets me relive it again and again, and makes me less homesick !
    I have never been to a more beautiful wedding. The perfect planning made for a stress free enviroment and allows for pure fun and enjoyment !
    Is my niece the most gorgeous bride EVER ???!!!!

  8. @Tracy, Maria, Kaitlyn and Catherine Thank you for the kind comments!

    @Janice It was a perfect wedding wasn't it? I'm glad you get to relive it through the pictures and hope Alison & Matt will too! Thank you for saying hello!

  9. So, Leah, can I puchase some of these, or how do I go about getting some of these for my own?