Indian Pond Country Club Wedding :: Caitlin + Micky (Part I)

Nope I didn't drop off the face of the earth :) last week we were in England and Northern Ireland for an early Christmas and so I was too focused on eating my weight in bacon and chocolate and mince pies and fish and chips to blog. But never fear, I'm back with the most excellent wedding that was Caitlin & Micky's at Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston, MA.

I think we'll start with a little appetizer of gorgeous wedding details - let's just say that not only does Caitlin have very good taste in husbands - Micky is such a great guy - but she is a girl after my own heart when it comes to shoes and purses:

Love love love. Why buy a pair of white satin kitten heels that you'll never wear again in your life when you can have these babies encase your little feet?

All-time favorite wedding purse - so airy and light:

The getting ready fun took place at Caitlin's parents house at Humarock Beach, which was also the location for the first look (coming up tomorrow), I wanted to incorporate the beach/boat theme into the pictures so was happy when I spotted this little sailboat:

Wedding dresses are usually hung on terribly practical plastic hangers with a sort of cardboard frame to hold the bodice in place. I actually keep a bunch of satin padded hangers in my car to use for pictures but I didn't need to as Caitlin had this divine personalized hanger ready to go:

When I bought my Nikon 105mm f/2.8G lens a couple of years ago I remember Mr H expressing a little disbelief that I needed to spend $900 on a lens that I'd use for probably 5-10 shots per wedding. But everytime I get it out I sign with happiness at the pictures it allows me to take:

Caitlin's wedding rings belonged to Micky's late mother so they have extra special sentimental meaning:

As I flitted around the house getting all the detail pictures I noticed Caitlin wonderfully silhouetted by the window as she had her make up done with her hair all pinned up around her head:

I know, I know, such a tease. First look and ceremony tomorrow...


  1. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! love the shoes (of course!) and the hanger was just adorable! great shots and the lens is so worth the $ you spent on it!!

  2. Leah you're a genius. Superb top drawer photography. Beautiful!