A Message from the Christmas Wieners

The dogs like to keep up with the seasons from a fashion point of view, if you missed their Easter outfits you can see them **here**

For their Christmas outfits, they asked for matching red sweaters and reindeer antlers and who am I to deny them?

127 pictures later I had just one picture with them both dressed and sitting still. Of course they're not both looking at the camera but you can't have everything ;)

As always, the outtakes were funnier than the final result as Paul reluctantly wrangled them into position. Tiger kept wriggling out of her sweater or bolting back to the warmth of the house.

Click on the little white triangle to watch the behind-the-scenes movie:

Coco Chanel & Tiger Woods would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. Woof!


  1. This is one of the funniest things I've seen this Christmas! When I saw your photo, I thought the dogs were being so wonderfully tolerant. After seeing the video, I know that your patience (and Paul's) is way, way above their tolerance level!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see their Valentine's outfits!

    Merry Christmas from all of us!

  2. Nan and I have just voted this video better than anything shown over Christmas on both BBC and ITV - Happy Christmas to you all
    Mum, Dad and Nan