Trash the Dress Photographer in Boston :: Neeta + Rich

Trash the Dress...Rock the Frock...Post-Wedding portraits...Fearless Bride..A Day-After Shoot

All words to describe the experience of putting on your wedding outfits again and having additional pictures taken.

There are so many great reasons to schedule one of these kind of shoots:
- maybe it rained on your wedding day and you were unable to get any pictures outdoors
- maybe you had a crazy schedule and ran out of time for romantic portraits of the two of you alone
- maybe you're not happy with your wedding pictures - hopefully I'm not your wedding photographer in this case ;)
- maybe you wish you'd had your hair and makeup done differently
- maybe you simply can't bear to put away your wedding dress and you want one last excuse to wear it

Then, and this is my opinion only so take it for what you like, I think there's a slightly bizarre trend to take slightly weird irreverent pictures where the dress is literally "trashed". Or sometimes new photographers will set up a trash the dress shoot to get pictures for their wedding portfolio even though this controlled environment is completely different to the unpredictable nature of a real life wedding. I've even seen some rather bizarre images of brides in trash-filled, graffiti-covered alleyways. I guess I can see the appeal if you just didn't like your dress in the first place...

When I do a post-wedding shoot, I prefer to see it as an extension of your wedding day. I still want you to look as amazing as possible, to get the little moments between you and create some epic pictures. For sure, we can be a little less careful and tentative about keeping your gown spotless, but I have no plans for photographing brides in dumpsters any time soon ;)

And with that little ramble over, I'd like to share with you some post-wedding pictures of Neeta & Rich.

Neeta & Rich had the most fabulous wedding back in August (click **here** if you missed it) with a thoughtful schedule with lots of time for pictures of the two of them alone in the city but as they'd originally thought about having their wedding on a beach they wanted some pictures by the ocean.

I think this is my absolute favorite of the afternoon:

I love the pop of Neeta's fuchsia pink bouquet against the soft blue of the ocean:

Neeta and Rich met at Ballroom Dancing classes while they were at school (you must! must! must! check out the spectacular first dance at their wedding **here**) and it seemed only appropriate that they dance on the beach.

Am I the only one who's thinking of Johnny in Dirty Dancing saying "This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine."

Through the whole wedding planning process including two wonderful engagement shoots I got to really know Neeta and Rich as a couple. They are just a hoot. And two incredibly lovely, kind, thoughtful and fun people. They're perfectly suited to one another. Rich takes care of Neeta so well. And Neeta takes care of Rich. It's hard to even describe but I think you can see it in this picture:

It was pretty much freezing on the day of the shoot and Neeta wore Rich's tuxedo jacket for a lot of the time in between pictures. I had grabbed a little pink faux fur stole from my closet just in case:

I like the framing from the wooden beams on the image on the left. I am inspired to work on my posture when I see the image on the right :) must be a dancing thing!

After the beach we drove into Newburyport. Neeta and Rich were following behind me and so they were a little confused when I suddenly pulled over to the side of the road but I had spotted this tree and nothing comes between me and a good black and white portrait:

After the emergency stop, we made it to Newburyport:

This is probably as irreverent as I get, note that I carefully laid my aforementioned pink stole on the ground for Neeta to lie on to keep her dress clean:

It was starting to get dark in Newburyport and this thick thick fog came rolling in - it was seriously spooky but it made for a fun silhouette with the fishing boat lights in the background:

Neeta and Rich - thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography and for giving me another excuse to meet up with you both again and get even more lovely pictures! Your full gallery is uploading as we speak and the link will follow shortly. Now I'll have to find more reasons to photograph you both again. Is it too early to start thinking of your 2011 holiday cards?

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  1. what a great idea! Love the concept since what I had in mind wasn't remotely that! gorgeous pictures! This could be a possibility for me....

  2. Leah! These photos are amazing! Neeta and Rich look incredible. I think my favorite is the black and white one with the big tree - though it's hard to choose. Also, a great idea to get photos by the water/on the beach in all your wedding best afterward if the location doesn't work out for the wedding day.

  3. Oh, I remember their wedding as that was one of the hotels we looked at. These pictures are fabulous and what a great way to have your wedding in Cambridge but still get photos on the beach.

    It all looks so romantic!!!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures! The last one is my favorite.