Hyatt Regency, Cambridge, MA :: Wedding Reception Photographs :: Neeta + Rich (Part IV)

Do you have ANY idea how HARD my clients make my life?

They have these amazing weddings with all sorts of gorgeous details, their friends and families are so fun and welcoming, they have some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten, they dance like they should be on TV, there are toasts that make people laugh and cry and then they expect me to fit it all into just a few blog posts??!?

Frankly, I don't know how I do it.

But do it I must. Because I am Leah Haydock. Photographer of beautiful weddings. And I know you are clicking that refresh button ready for your next hit of epic pictures of fabulous people in love. And so once again, we head to the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, MA for the wedding reception of Neeta & Rich.

Quick recap:
Engagement pictures in the winter **here** and in the spring **here**
Getting ready **here**
First look **here**
Ceremony **here**

Neeta & Rich met when they were at school in Northeastern in a ballroom dancing class. Now I should admit that I also took a couple of ballroom dancing lessons when I was at Sheffield University. I dragged along my then-boyfriend Tom and we valiantly shuffled around and stood on each others toes for maybe one semester before realizing we were rubbish.

No so for Neeta & Rich who eventually became dance partners and now they're life partners. And if their marriage is even half as strong as their first dance then they'll have an amazing life together.

Don't worry - lots more dancing pictures later. In case you're wondering where the detail pictures are of the reception, you should head over **here** to the blog of Kate McElwee. Kate was my second shooter and she's a phenomenal photographer in her own right. We concocted this crazy plan a few months ago that we would second shoot for each other just for kicks and to try out some new things. So I second shot for Kate at one of her weddings at the Wentworth Hotel **here** and on Saturday it was her turn to return the favor and Neeta & Rich will benefit from her gorgeous pictures - go on, hop over to her blog and then come back here ;)

Too much writing from me! Time for the hilarious toasts from Jill, Neeta's best friend and John, Rich's brother and best man:

I don't usually take pictures of food and I don't think I've ever blogged them but the Indian buffet from Masala Art was so so so delicious that I think a few pictures are in order. Let's just say it was so yummy that Kate and I didn't even talk during dinner, we just kept saying mmmmm:

As the light started to go down it was time to cut the cake. I could show you pictures of that but I kind of like this picture of the cake with Neeta hanging out with her Mom in the background:

Recently I've been really into stealing outside for just 5 minutes just after the sun goes down, you get this amazing twilight blue sky...add some twinkly lights from the Boston skyline and I'm in heaven:

The DJ played this hilarious game with the guests. He had Rich's friends and family on one side of the dance floor and Neeta's friends and family on the other side. As Sweet Caroline played, Rich's side had to sign the [Sweet Caroline] "BA ba ba"part and Neeta's side would respond with [Good times never felt so good] "So good, so good, SO GOOD". It got pretty serious with everyone on the dancefloor singing their hearts out. Mrs Kim even tried to sway the DJ to choose Rich's sign but Neeta was declared the ultimate winner:

And of course with everyone up on the dancefloor, the party really started:

The ballroom on the sixteenth floor of the Hyatt provides a great backdrop of Boston at night:

I had major feelings of dance inadequacy all night with these two cutting up the dancefloor, I think Neeta's feet in her gorgeous pink shoes barely touched the ground and Rich? Damn, he can move:

And that ladies and gentlemen brings us to the close of the wedding of Neeta & Rich. Did you enjoy it? I did!

Amazing Vendor List (seriously - lots of fabulousness, you could totally book any of these people and you'd be happy!)
Photography (what can I say?): Leah Haydock
Overqualified second shooter: Kate McElwee
Wedding planner extraordinaire: Christy Kahana of CAKE Weddings (I cannot say enough good stuff about Christy and her wonderful assistant Erica. If you don't yet have a planner or day of coordinator, you need to call 617 999 8908 or email her NOW, seriously - they have walkie talkies and everything!)
Wedding Venue (Ceremony & Reception): Hyatt Regency, Cambridge, MA
Justice of the Peace (would highly recommend Karol to anyone looking for a MA wedding officiant): Karol Simon ( 978 337 0590)
Lovely fuchsia pink flowers: Jody of My Personal Florist, Reading, MA
Hair (brilliant!): super talented Kelly Bonica of Blondie Salon & Spa
Make-up (flawless!): super calm Rose Ventura ( 617-959-2778)
Guitar & Flute Duo (musical!): Alla Breve
Wedding Cake: Konditor Meister
Catering (mmmm mmmmm mmmm): Sorabh Kapoor, Masala Art, Needham, MA
Video (very generous with his video lights, thanks Ben!): Ben McElroy
DJ (great job! dancefloor was full and nice lighting that didn't shine ugly red spots on the dancefloor and mess up my pictures like other DJs): Mark C of Curtis Knight Entertainment

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Oh go on then, one last picture. Congratulations Neeta & Rich. It has been an absolute pleasure and an honor to get to know you and to document your wedding day! Wishing you a lifetime of health, wealth, love and laughter. And dancing.


  1. Leah, you have out-done yourself once again!!! These photos are simply to die for! I can't believe this is the last posting of us already. What an amazing ride this has been, and you've been there to document it all! Thank you so much!!

  2. These are *fantastic*!!! I don't think I've ever seen such great reception/dancing photos! (I might be biased though!). The lighting is just beautiful and you captured some great moments! Love them all! I'm a little sad our time on your blog is over (no, actually, VERY sad!!) but I can't wait to see our gallery and make an album!

    Leah: you are the best wedding photographer I have ever seen and we are so lucky we were able to hire you for our event. Much love to you and I hope we can continue to use you in the future for some fun portrait sessions (if you don't become so popular you don't have time for them anymore!).

  3. I'm sad too that this is the last Rich + Neeta post--but I'm also very biased! teehee! I echo Neeta's sentiment; you are beyond incredible. %)

  4. How beautiful. Great images as always Leah.
    Love the Liger shots.

  5. Love you guys!!! The wedding was amazing, we had so much fun we are still talking about it!!!!