Winter Engagement Pictures in the Snow :: NH Photographer :: Meg + Dave

In December we had a couple of big snow storms, not as crazy as the one that's happening outside right now but I love me a little winter engagement session in the snow.

Many couples want to wait until the spring or summer for engagement pictures but then what to do for the save the date or the wedding website? Hmmmm....

And so it's one of my complimentary "ten pictures in ten minutes" sessions to the rescue. Email me at if you'd like to find out more...

Ten pictures in ten minutes was exactly what I did on a snowy December day for Meg and Dave who are getting married at the Rose Garden at Lynch Park in June (which is such a beautiful wedding venue, all greenery and hidden garden feeling and it's right on the ocean, check out Kristin & Zach's wedding there last year **here**)

Just before we were scheduled to start, I got a phone call from Meg & Dave to say that they'd made a stop at Starbucks and wanted to know if they could bring me something? Seriously how brilliant are my couples?

Starbucks is not only the home of lovely hot beverages (mine's a grande, extra-hot, no-fat, no whip, white hot chocolate, just two pumps and don't accidentally make it a mocha - maybe this will help you understand why I said I was "all-set, thanks!" to Meg rather than explain!) but it also has a special meaning as it was actually the scene of Meg & Dave's first meeting:

Meg explained that she's ALWAYS on time but for the date she was running a little late. Dave described how she came flying in through the door looking just a tiny bit flustered and how incredibly happy he was to see her. I'm not sure if there was hugging on the first date but I imagine it might have been a little bit like this:

Our session was carefully timed so we could get late afternoon sun, dusk and then some twinkly light action. If you're a regular blog reader (and new or old, please feel free to say hello in the comments) then you'll know I'm a twinkly light fiend, I also enjoy a silhouette sometimes:

Ahhh, twinkly light heaven. And of course Meg and Dave are looking rather cute:

Did you know it's considered rude to take winter engagement pictures in the snow and not throw at least one snowball:

Bling Bling! Dave proposed to Meg in the Boston Public Gardens and we'll head there in the Spring for a full engagement pictures session:

One last picture:

Meg and Dave - much fun! Thank you for being so incredibly easy to photograph, we're going to have so much fun in Boston and I can't wait to meet Ada. I hope you like your preview pictures!


  1. Cute! Your blog needs a "Like" button! I love the photo throwing snowballs!

    Very fitting post for today!!

  2. Leah! The photos are brilliant! You are awesome! We look great and I love the action shots, twinkly lights (sigh!) and the mix of color and black and white. I think the silhouette is my favorite, but they are all incredible. I've already sent the link to our families and some of my friends. I couldn't resist sharing!

  3. Leah, you are a wonder. So happy you are "catching" my daughter looking so happy. I'm enjoying the snow from a distance. Meg's Mom

  4. These are lovely and I think you show how happy they are. Wonderful